Smiling on Christmas Eve

Due to the nature of the beast of the temp job I'm working, I'm at work on the morning of Christmas Eve.  It's quiet in the office, and I can snag a few minutes to myself before everyone returns and the world wakes, and I'm bombarded with phone calls from mothers with questions about Santa Claus. (Check out this Instagram Feed of the Santa Claus Office in Finland!)

I was browsing my blog feed (I use Feedly, by the way), and I kept finding things that made me smile, or really wowed me.  I'd like to share some of them with you in hopes they also make you smile.

First off was this article and video about artist Bruce Riley.  Just the sheer organic nature of his paintings floored me.  His work is so simple and yet so complex.  I hope I am able to wow someone with my work someday.

Next was this goofy post about taking Christmas photos with dogs from A Beautiful Mess.  Just something about the cheesy photo they were going for made me giggle, as well as the description of an expression the pug was making, "Jabba the Hutt."

And then there was this photo collection from Shutterbean.  I love her Everyday Day Life posts.  They just make me happy.  What really made me smile was her excitement over an egg yolk spilling over the side of a sandwich, with the caption, "YES YES YES."  What made me smile even more was another picture a little further down in the post of yet another egg yolk with the caption, "YAAAAAAAAAS."  I think it was her enthusiasm for those little things that made me so happy. 

I hope these posts made you smile like they did for me.  What are some of your favorite blog posts that have made you smile?

I also hope that you have a warm and safe holiday.   I plan to get back to a regular blogging schedule after the new year, new job permitting.  

Merry Christmas!

Playing the Waiting Game

Some day I will get back into a routine with blogging.  Life just kind of gets in the way sometimes.  I wish it didn't have to, but I suppose if you're working toward a goal, it has to.

I was sitting down with my uncle last week and we were discussing my jobs, job hunting, interviews, and what is it that I really want to do.  He was trying to understand how I can make a living through Fibers.  The truth is that I can't right now.  I have to work for it.  

I know I can't just start up a studio right now because I don't have the money nor the knowledge on how to do something like that.  Sure, I can set something up, but I can't really pay for it, or sustain it.  There's money that goes into rent and supplies and whatnot, and what if I don't sell what I'm making?

My parents directed me to an article about an Etsy seller after commenting that maybe I should do that on the side. The ironic thing is that the article is called Secrets of the Richest Seller on Etsy and yet, no secrets are actually disclosed.  Even at the end of the article it says something about doing the research to be successful on Etsy.  Guess what?  No links or resources to assist in doing said research.  I think it's a poor article to be sure, considering no other information was given other than linking to the person's shop and website a bunch of times.  At least I have the mind to link to things when I talk about them so you, dear reader, don't have to go off searching the web for whatever it was I was talking about.

Anyway, stepping off my soap box.

I'm awaiting an answer from a job this morning.  If I get it, I'm starting on January 5th!  If I don't, then it's back to the drawing board.  It's a funny feeling to be standing at one of the many crossroads of life.  I'm so nervous.  I've had two interviews with the company already this past month, and I wasn't so nervous for those, which is good.  

EDIT: I have been accepted for the position!  Guess who is moving to San Diego?!

Testing a New Website

Testing a New Website

Stephen West Knit-a-Long: Exploration Station!

Stephen West Knit-a-Long: Exploration Station!


I know it's been a while.  I've been traveling back and forth from San Diego trying to figure my life out, as you do.  In the process, I've decided I needed a little more professional feel for my website and blog.  As I continue to work on the website, I hope to continue blogging and update you with any new happenings in my life as an artist.  As the new year starts, I plan to disable my Wordpress site and solely focus all my energy here and my Facebook page.  I'm not sure if the schedule will remain the same or if I will just use it as a skeleton as I have been doing.  Please be patient with me while I figure it all out!

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Vacation Time!

MHaerle011 Hey everyone, I have a job interview in San Diego this Friday. In addition, I might be also meeting with a recruiter there in the next week. Any prayers, good thoughts/energy, whathaveyou for these and other job opportunities and housing/apartment hunting you could send my way would be fantastic.

Thank you to all the people who have supported and encouraged me to follow through with my dream goal! It's finally almost becoming a reality...

While I'm there, I'll be taking a little hiatus from the blog.  It is a working trip, but I hope to have a little downtime while I'm there.  See you when I get back!

Sweater Sleeves

I thought that I might have my Driftwood Sweater done by this week.  However, the sleeves are taking longer than I thought they would.  Instead of doing them one at a time, I'm working them with the Magic Loop technique, so both at the same time.  (Check out this article on all the different ways to knit in the round.) (Remind me to put a picture here.)

One of the guys at my job keeps asking if it's done.  And honestly, it's just because I haven't had time to work on it.  Life has been crazy or I fall asleep.  Remember that whole falling asleep thing if I stay still for too long?  Yeah.  Friday is my last day of this temp job, and then it's on to a dental appointment on Monday and then California for a couple of weeks.  I couldn't be more excited (not the dental appointment, just California).

Thoughts on I Love Yarn Day

I didn't mean to miss yesterday's post.  I just had a lot going on at work.  And I was getting more literal rejections from jobs I've applied for.  One even called me but then decided against interviewing me when they heard I was only available on October 21st and wasn't living in San Diego right then.  I did explain my double edged sword dilemma (No one will hire me because I don't live in San Diego, and I can't live in San Diego until someone hires me), but alas.  Oh well.  The hunt goes on.  I have one week left of working this job, and then it's onto San Diego for the job hunting trip (finally). So my day was kind of a downer, but I was cheered up by Amanda (who I taught how to knit socks on Sunday) when she texted me a picture of her first completed wearable sock!  I'm so proud of her.  I cannot tell you how good it makes me feel when I see people I've taught to knit or taught certain techniques to flourish.  Best. Feeling. Ever. Damian shared with me last night a cowl he had finished for his mom with some yarn he dyed in the Indigo vat at school before he left.  Arlyn shows me her projects and planned projects.  If I can teach all of them and have them take off, surely I can teach others professionally?

Also, HAPPY I LOVE YARN DAY!!!!  We all know by now I have a healthy (or maybe not so healthy for my bank account) addiction to yarn.  And I have built up quite the stash since the San Diego Yarn Crawl.  I hope to work in my room this weekend to clean it a bit and maybe organize my stash and plan for future projects.

What are you doing for I Love Yarn Day?ZTJdkuPl0gBJX56S.jpg

New Sweaters and More Socks

On Friday, the yarn for my Driftwood Sweater arrived!  Of course I had to go straight home and wind it all into balls so I could start on my new sweater.  And that's what I spent the rest of the evening doing...winding yarn and starting my sweater.  It's quite easy and addicting to work on!  Clearly...look how far I am. TkVMdvSb7AyYL4Xc.jpg

Just a little more of the body, and then the sleeves and button band and I'm done!  One of the people at work walked by saying, "You'll be done with that by Christmas!" To which I replied, "No, I'll be done with it by next week!"  I'll give you all the details about the yarn, etc. when I'm all finished.

On Sunday I was able to teach another sock knitting lesson!  This time it was with Amanda, one of my Fibers classmates from ASU.  We parked ourselves in a Starbucks after picking up some yarn and needles for her, and spent about two hours working on her first sock.  And it was a success!


She updated me on Monday that she had even gone ahead and done a second one!

Also on Monday, part of my knitting machine arrived!  I'll tell you more about that another day.  For now, I'm just super excited to learn how to use it.

Artsy Things I Did This Week

Tuesday was the end of the Soak Photo-A-Day Instagram Challenge.  I finished up with this image. vLYd5cSMNLkbRh1L.jpg

It's such a true statement for you might have gathered during the last few months (or maybe just post college).  All I want to do right now is make things with my hands.

Also on Tuesday, I went to the FAN (Fiber Arts Network) Club's show opening, chromoFEELia, at ASU.  It was such a well rounded show.  It really made me miss school and having a studio to work in and a community to work with.  I still keep in touch with classmates, obviously, but it's still really nice to have them all there present.  I was able to see Clare, my Fibers professor, and Damian came up from Tucson to see the show and to see Arlyn and I.  I miss the Fiber Frat so much!

Monday and Tuesday I bought more knew this.  It's a problem.  One of the packages is supposed to arrive today and I'm itching to start on my Driftwood Sweater!  The yarn for the Crosby Sweater should come on Saturday, so I guess that one will be second.  Also, I think that I have some buttons that Dylan brought back from Europe for me that will work perfect for one or both of them!  I'm so excited.

My Traveling Woman shawl is coming along.  I really enjoy the easy to remember repeats in the lace section.  I may have messed up the first row of the lace...but oh well.  It's not a mistake, it's a design element!

Onto the weekend...See you next week!

Quote of the Day Tuesday

"Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul." — Mario Quintana

This quote had a twofold meaning for me today. One is that my boyfriend did, in fact, bring me flowers for no reason today (he's the best!).  The other is that it kind of made me thing about my whole dream goal (here we go again).

I can't wait for an opportunity to fall into my lap (though it'd be very nice if it did).  Instead, I have to go looking for the opportunities.  This job hunt isn't going to happen unless I do it myself.  Same goes for finding housing.

But every now and then, something happens, and things do fall into my lap.  Hoping something will soon, all the while searching myself.