Smiling on Christmas Eve

Due to the nature of the beast of the temp job I'm working, I'm at work on the morning of Christmas Eve.  It's quiet in the office, and I can snag a few minutes to myself before everyone returns and the world wakes, and I'm bombarded with phone calls from mothers with questions about Santa Claus. (Check out this Instagram Feed of the Santa Claus Office in Finland!)

I was browsing my blog feed (I use Feedly, by the way), and I kept finding things that made me smile, or really wowed me.  I'd like to share some of them with you in hopes they also make you smile.

First off was this article and video about artist Bruce Riley.  Just the sheer organic nature of his paintings floored me.  His work is so simple and yet so complex.  I hope I am able to wow someone with my work someday.

Next was this goofy post about taking Christmas photos with dogs from A Beautiful Mess.  Just something about the cheesy photo they were going for made me giggle, as well as the description of an expression the pug was making, "Jabba the Hutt."

And then there was this photo collection from Shutterbean.  I love her Everyday Day Life posts.  They just make me happy.  What really made me smile was her excitement over an egg yolk spilling over the side of a sandwich, with the caption, "YES YES YES."  What made me smile even more was another picture a little further down in the post of yet another egg yolk with the caption, "YAAAAAAAAAS."  I think it was her enthusiasm for those little things that made me so happy. 

I hope these posts made you smile like they did for me.  What are some of your favorite blog posts that have made you smile?

I also hope that you have a warm and safe holiday.   I plan to get back to a regular blogging schedule after the new year, new job permitting.  

Merry Christmas!

Inspiration Thursday: Links!

I'm not quite just what to write about today.  It's been a busy week already.  I had my first temp job yesterday, and though I was only sitting and answering phones, I  was EXHAUSTED by the end of the day.  How do people to that 5 days a week?  Anyway, let me see if I have anything saved around the interwebs to share with you today... I saw some photos of sculptures done by Beth Cavener Stitcher.  She is one of my favorite artists.

I thought this was kinda cool.  I didn't know that this taxidermy diorama existed at KU.  I'm always going to love favorite museum is the International Wildlife Museum near Tucson.

Squid ring.  I want one in silver, please!

Alright, well, I hope you enjoy those little snippets.  More tomorrow, hopefully!