Progress Interrupted

I won't be getting a Project Progress Wednesday out today.  And I think I have a pretty good excuse, too.  I got a flat tire on the 101 this afternoon... I was driving home from a lovely lunch with my boyfriend's parents.  I was two and a half exits away from home...when I heard the dreaded sound.  FLUB FLUB FLUB FLUB FLUB FLUB....  I've never had a flat since I learned how to drive.  This was a brand new experience for me.  I called up my Dad because my AAA card was in my other wallet (I'm moving it to this one now) and then called AAA.  They said that they'd be out in about 30 minutes.  I was pulled over far enough on the 101 that I wasn't in too dangerous of a spot.  I kept the car on with the AC running until someone came to my rescue.

Not too long after I called, a truck pulled up behind me and a cop came out of the truck.  He asked if I was alright and if I had help on the way.  I said that I did.  He asked if I would like a bottle of water and I said that I'd love one.  We are in Arizona during the summer after all.  So he went back to the truck, got an ice cold bottle of water for me and came back.  I thanked him for the water and for checking on me and he went on his way.

So, AAA finally came and he said I could stay in my car while he switched the tire.  Den called and asked if she could come over, and I said, yes, once I got home...and I explained my situation.  The AAA guy was done in a flash and I was able to get home.  I took a moment to breathe for a bit and then Den and I were off to Discount Tire.  Well, they didn't have the tires I have on my car...and it turned out that my tires are on national we had to just put a similar one on.  Thankfully, I was under a warranty where the tire that my flat was being replaced with was free.  So at least I had that going for me!

So, from 2pm till 4:30pm, I was on the adventure of experiencing a flat tire, getting the tire changed, and replacing the flat.  I think that's a good enough excuse for not having a blog post ready to write for you.  Don't worry, though, I'll have one next week with the project I'm working on!

See you tomorrow for Inspiration Thursday!