Project Progress for the Last Week of August

Last week of August!  Here we go! I finished my sister's shawl last night.  'Bout time, considering the yarn was meant for Christmas slippers for her from last year, but I'm really not feeling socks and slippers anymore.  I'll stick with shawls, hats, cowls, and other projects...sweaters...yanno.  The shawl is blocking as of last night, too, so I can give it to her next time I'm over at my parents' house.


I've also finally started with the silhouette embroidery project I've been talking about.  I even have photo proof.  Ha!  I pulled out some unbleached cotton from my various fabric stashes around the house (I swear, I need to condense it all, as well as my yarn stash, into one place), found an oval template I liked and that fit with the images I'm using.  I then transferred the oval onto the fabric in two places for my first project involving the silhouettes (I have two other ideas regarding it/them).  Next is choosing the embroidery thread I want to use.  I'm doing silver/grey borders for this one...and probably the second one.  I don't have an aversion to gold (except when I'm wearing it.  I like silver much better on me), but silver is my favorite and is fitting for the project.


I'm not just going to have an oval border.  I want to have some embellishment at the top and bottom, maybe some decorative curls.  I'll figure it out as I go along.

As for my next knitting project, my friend Amanda sent me some yarn for two projects she wants me to make.  One is a scarf that I believe Susan, who I worked for when I interned at The Grove, designed.  I'm starting on that first.  It uses Kid Seta yarn in white and green.  The second project is a diaper changing pad using vinyl fabric on one side, and knitted puzzle pieces on the other.  Amanda isn't having kids anytime soon (I hope!), so I figured I can work on the scarf first.  She'll be out to visit in a few weeks, so I plan to have it done so she can take it back home with her.

That's all I have to show and tell.  See you tomorrow!