Inspiration Thursday: Zentangles

When I went to get a sketch book for work to do my Spoon Challenges and other doodles in, I went ahead and got a book on Zentangles.  I had known about Zentangles for a while, but never really looked into them.  I decided that since I have some sections of my day where I'm not doing much of anything, it might be the best time to do a little meditation with drawing (when I'm not knitting, of course).  The book I purchased is called Zentangle Untangled by Kass Hall.  I like the step by step format, and it makes it easy to learn the patterns.  I made a Cabin Floor Zentangle this morning. 2f01tOWZa8gcnT0S.jpg

I really enjoyed this process.  However, when the phone rang, it made me jump out of my state of meditation and concentration.  I guess that's the price I have to pay.

Ever since I can remember, my Mom always doodled when she was on the phone, usually on a napkin or a corner of a newspaper.  Zentangles remind me of those phonecall doodles.

In other inspiration news this week, I signed up to support Lucy Bellwood on Patreon.  I kind of fangirl over, more than I normally would over an artist.  I think it's because she and Dylan do similar things (ship stuff, except he doesn't draw about it, but he can attest for my fangirling).  I read Baggywrinkles online for the first time last summer when Dylan was off sailing around Europe on the Gothenburg (Göteborg).  I then found hard copies of Baggywrinkles when I was visiting Vancouver at the Vancouver Maritime Museum in May.  I had a little mini fan girl moment there, and made my brother read them.  So, yeah.  Go support one of my favoritest artists!

Drawings and Drizzles

On Monday I discovered that Spoonflower was doing something called the Spoon Challenge.  It's a tool to create the habit of making art every day.  What's nice is they choose a theme for the week and then prompts to draw.  I started this Monday and the theme is animals with the first prompt being Platypus. wGyUAqRcqk7eL8Pm.jpg

Essentially, because I'm working when I do this, I'm planning to use whatever I have at the desk I'm using.  (I don't know if I mentioned this before, but doing temp jobs is interesting in that you're working at someone else's desk with someone else's pictures and things.) Also, while I do have access to a scanner here, I just wanted to take snapshots and upload the doodles quickly. The quality isn't the best, but it's not suppose to be a grand work of art, just exercises for me to work on. Anyway, I haven't done much drawing in a long time, so I hope to hone a little bit of skill.  Yesterday's prompt was Hedgehog.


It's nice to have something like that to work on during the day in addition to knitting when I don't have anything else going on.  Especially since I'm not able to make bigger things like my felted taxidermy or printing fabric.  I'm looking forward to knowing what I'll be drawing today.


Yesterday we had some serious downpours.  While I was getting plenty of warnings for flash floods in the area, I was sitting behind my desk watching the rain begin to fall.  It was around lunchtime when it all began.  The even darker clouds started replacing the ones in the already overcast sky.  And then the rain came.  And then the phone calls started.  I think over the course of 30 minutes, I had received about 11 calls about things leaking within the mall.  Crazy!  And I was the only one in the office, so there wasn't much I could do since all the maintenance people were working on other leaks or making sure water wasn't flooding into other areas.  So yes, it was a crazy afternoon and I wasn't able to take a break until an hour after my normal lunch time.  So, while I would have liked to be home with coffee and knitting and watching the rain, instead I worked hard to make sure I kept everyone happy.

On the plus side to all the rain, however, I've been seeing a lot of dragonflies today.