The Annual Introspective

May 9 marks the day of my undergrad graduation. It is also the day my cat, Stella Rose, adopted me.

I've been sitting on this post since last May. It's always a month where I tend to evaluate myself and my progress due to the anniversary of my graduation. I remember getting to my car after the ceremony had ended, and pictures had been taken. I took off my gown and my cap and sat in the car and....cried. I think I became overwhelmed with the fact that I had no plans post-college. During the ceremony, I was looking around at everyone who had decorated their caps with inspirational messages about how they're moving up in the world and I had no big adventure. I just had my apartment, and my knitting, and whatever knowledge I had from my art classes. I knew I wanted to go to San Diego and make art there, but nothing else. How would my adventure from the summer before (Internship) ever measure up to whatever 2013 was supposed to be?

And then Stella landed in my lap. She crawled out of the bushes at my parents' house during the graduation party, sat in my lap, followed me around, and I decided I needed to take her home. She was probably going to become coyote food if I didn't. So then, I had something to take care of and to keep me busy and give me companionship...but maybe she really adopted ME so SHE could have someone to take care of.

Lots of things have happened since the last time I wrote a blog. Mostly schedule and job changes. I'm now back working solely in San Diego with two jobs. One keeps me busy most of the month and the other is my old internship! Now, who could have told me 4 years ago while I was sitting in my car crying that I would be back at one of the very places that brought me such joy? Also, I think I wrote in a blog post once that I wanted a job where I could spend all day in a yarn shop...and here I am (two days out of the week, at least). Funny how the universe works like that.

Since working at the shop again I have been telling customers about my story - about how it was my internship in 2012 (5 YEARS AGO - GET OVER IT MEGAN) and it was my dream summer. One of them threw me off guard when I had recited my tale...she asked: "What's next?"

What is next? I'm in San Diego. I'm working at the place that brought me so much happiness 5 years ago. What do I do now? Where do I go from here? Are these questions I should be asking myself??? Am I thinking too hard about it??? Do I have to have a "what's next?"

Well, of course not. I could sit here happy as a clam. Sometimes I feel like I'm always looking too far forward and not enjoying the moment. I do know that I need to get back to making art.  I'm still (STILL) working on the damned felted deer (does anyone want to take bets on if I'm going to finish it or not this year?). It seems that after one of my friends bought my mini felted creatures that I just stopped doing any art. I do make little watercolor studies sometimes, but a lot of the time I long for a studio and that halts my progress. I know that these things take time, but I also need to work hard for it.

I found a little bit of inspiration as I was going through my notes for blog posts. I don't remember him saying it, but I wrote about Dylan telling me three things: 1) Stay positive, 2) Keep moving forward and 3) Tell everyone your dreams.

I'm staying as positive as I can. I'm exhausted from my other job at the moment, but still happy (I really need a vacation, though). I'm doing my best to keep moving forward. And as for my dreams? I'm having a hard time thinking of what that is at the moment. I'm sure it will come to me though.

What are some milestone dates in your life that you use to evaluate yourself? Where have you been and where are you going?

New Knitting Pretties

IMG_6332 Ever since I got my Nickle Plated Interchangeable Needles from Knit Picks, I've been searching for the perfect case for them.  At first I had one from Knit Picks that was on clearance (I don't think they even have it anymore...and so I cannot link to it, nor do I know where it is off the top of my head after the move), and it did very nicely for a long time.  It was small, compact, 8" or so square in shape when closed, and held all my interchangeable needles, tools and accessories.  I only replaced it with a Della Q Double Interchangeable Needle Case when I got my Caspian Interchangeable Needles earlier this year (I kind of obsessed over them ever since they came pretty!).

The Della Q one is nice, has labels for the needle sizes so you can grab them at a glance, and it had lots of pockets for the tools and accessories and extra space for extra needles and more sizes.  However, my one issue was the zipper pocket that I kept my cables in on the outside.  I would try to coil the cords as tight as I could, but they would always unwind themselves and then it made it hard to fold the right side over properly when I went to close the case.  It worked for a while, though.

Then Damian came home from Christmas '13 (between him, Arlyn and I, it was a very fibery Christmas) with his Pendleton Needle Case.  He showed me the large pockets and how it had space for both sets of needles.  The only issue for me was that it's only sold by Knit Picks, and they only had red (they call it Geranium) and Grey (if I remember correctly, that's the color Damian has...and I wanted something different than what he had, duh).  In the product photos, it looks like they used to have a green one, which would have been absolutely perfect for me, but it was not available.  So I stuck with my Della Q for a bit longer.  Well, when I was on the website a few weeks ago, just checking to see if any other colors came out, I noticed that they were adding a Marine (Navy) color!  It was the next best thing for know, cause I like nautical stuffs, and navy blue seems to be a popular color in all of that.

So I bought it as soon as it was available (end of July), and it arrived this past Wednesday.  I immediately put all of my needles inside, and I love it.  It takes up less space in my Namaste Harlow Bag (I had been considering getting their Build Your Own Binder, but it would have been a little out of my price range...I love the concept though!), doesn't take up space on the table or on my lap when I have to open it up and it's not an ordeal to close it back up.  Everything seems to be staying in its place so far.  I do miss having the sizes labeled on the pockets since I got my Nickle Plated set before Knit Picks started engraving the sizes on the needles.

Also pictured are Caspian Cable Needles and the Yarn Kitten Project Bag. For cabling, I usually just use a DPN instead of an actual cable needle (you know, the curvy ones).  I liked it because all my DPNs are wood so it kept the stitches on the needle better than a plastic or metal cable needle or DPN.  The Caspian Cable Needles were a bit of an impulse buy, but I love the colors so much and they'll be well used.  That also doesn't risk me accidentally misplacing a DPN in my set.  Knit Picks also had a promotion recently that if you spent a certain amount of money, you would get either the Yarn Kitten bag or the Superfine Project Bag for free.  I chose kittens over Feelin' Superfine because...yanno...cats.


I am no way affiliated with Knit Picks, Della Q or Namaste Inc., nor am I being paid to talk about their products...I just like their stuff.  A lot.

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Alright, I was bad again.  I missed Friday, but I still consider it okay, because I'm posting now as I have some time before I go to work this morning. It doesn't help that I have a cat sitting on my chest while I try to write.

I had a thought as I was sitting outside enjoying my cup of coffee.  Alright, it wasn't really enjoying because I've ran out of both milk and creamer.  I spent one Lent giving up creamer, but I still need it in my coffee in the morning.  So it was more like swallowing the bitter caffeine that fuels me each day, both then and now.  But I love coffee nonetheless, and it is always part of my morning routine.

Anyway, back to my thought.  It was cooler this morning.  Arizona summers don't seem to cool off until September or October...but this morning, it was overcast with the threat of rain and a cool breeze was blowing through.  At 82 degrees fahrenheit, it was lovely (as compared to the normal 100+ degrees that it usually is all summer).  It made me think about if I'd someday soon get to enjoy my coffee in California every morning, feeling that same breeze coming off the ocean and cooling down my coffee so that it was just the right temperature to drink.  It made me think about the future there versus a future here.  Will I be a Art Studio Assistant at the Children's Museum next year around this time?  Will I have a normal job?  Will I have my dream job?  Who will I be with?  Will I finally be in California for good?

This week was a little odd for me.  I'm trying to adjust my routine, but accommodate the changes.  For one, my roommate is back and school has started for him and my other friends still at ASU.  I said goodbye to my roommate Thursday morning as he went off to his classes, standing in the kitchen with my cup of coffee, and wished him luck.  I made this comment to my boyfriend, "You're off meeting Swedish royalty, everyone else is at classes this morning, and I'm sitting here with my cup of coffee, watching my cat chase her tail."


Granted, I can't complain.  I'm rather glad I've graduated and I don't have to think about classes or school or homework or assignments.  But at the same time, it gave me some normalcy in my life; a schedule.  But I hope now that my friends still in school are thinking about projects, that maybe it'll motivate me to work on my own.

Anyway, I'm off to work in a little while.  I like the days I get to come in at 9:30 instead of 8:30...but today is the last day in a while I'll get to be scheduled at 9:30.  I guess I should be thankful that they trusted me so quickly to become a Lead Art Studio Assistant, but I still feel like I don't know enough to qualify.  Oh well.  I learn as I go, and I ask questions, so I think I manage.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  See you Monday!

Recap: End of the Semester

So, I guess from the previous post you can gather that I have graduated college. What a feat for me! It's amazing that just 4 years ago I was stepping onto the Benedictine College campus to begin my freshman year there. And here I am now back in Arizona, having graduated from ASU. The last semester flew by in a flash. However, I don't necessarily feel like I put all the effort I could into the art I was making. But that's sort of how senior year goes, right?


December/January I was in the Juried Undergraduate Show.


February I went to TNNA.


March I had my Senior Exhibition Show.

Photo Apr 10, 3 43 57 PM

April we took a class trip to see our professor's show in Coolage.

Photo May 09, 2 36 05 PM Photo May 09, 7 19 09 PM

May I graduated and I got a cat. She picked me, and her name is Stella Rose.

Photo May 10, 4 21 30 PM

I've made 7 knitted things since the beginning of the year: a sweater, two shawls, four hats.

So, what's my plan for the summer? Well, I was recently hired as an Art Studio Assistant at the Children's Museum of Phoenix. I start on Saturday. I'm just working Saturdays and Sundays, so I'm going to try to continue making art during the week and see if I can't get anything going as far as that goes.  I have plans for things I'm knitting this summer, so look for that in the next post!