During the next few weeks I may have to be on a more sporadic blogging schedule...or just blogging whenever I feel like it.   I'm afraid to jinx it, but I'm coming upon a couple of my first two goals for this year: 1. Finding an apartment/house and 2. Moving.  We've been looking for a place, and we think we've found one (fingers crossed, praying so hard, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this be it!).  So, that means going back to Arizona, packing up everything and bringing it out here...if we get the place (PLEEEEAAASSSEEE)...and with my work schedule, I'm not exactly sure how that's going to happen.  I know it will, but it's not going to be that easy. But, I'm putting the cart before the horse. Again.

I'm really excited at the idea of the possibility of being able to have a studio space (FINALLY!) in the house.  There's so many plans and ideas I'd love to bring to light, I just didn't have the space in which to do it.  

So, bear with me, dear readers, while I embark on another adventure in my life...wish me luck, send your good thoughts and energy, and hopefully we'll be back to a normal, productive, art filled schedule soon!

Inspiration Thursday: Studio Thoughts

Every now and then, I sit down and come up with some things I would like in my studio.  One of my first posts when I was beginning this blog for my Marketing for Artists class was a writing prompt discussing My Dream Studio.  While many of the details I described in that post still hold true, some keep changing. I think I'd need my studio at home, but in a separate room where I could close the door.  And that would be ideal for just starting out.  Maybe if I made more money, I could afford a space outside of home to do workshops. But, I even made a piece about my dream studio and had it attached to my home.


Obviously I know it's a tiny space, and probably nothing like that exists in San Diego...but it's a nice thought.  (I'd like a larger living area though.)

Anyway, I still want the same laid back routine I described in this other post. It was nice going back and reading that particular one, especially since I long for days where I can do what I want and still be productive in my own space and make things.

Much of the same things hold otherwise...storage, a place to clean screens, table for workshops, I like the idea of having maybe a stacking door system for the natural lighting, but also so I can have fresh air, ventilation, and be able to access the drying lines outside easier.


Image via Rylock

Recently, I saw a post from Closet Case Files blogger, designer and sewer Heather Lou regarding her new studio space.  She has an AWESOME cutting table in her studio she built herself.  What's even MORE AWESOME is that she wrote a tutorial so you can make your own.  When I'm at a point where I'm not moving around as much, I really want to make one. And, with the tops being removable, I could totally make multiple table tops for either cutting fabric or screen printing!  So yeah.  That table is must in my studio now.

I'm sure I'll come up with more things as I go, as I usually do.