Progress and Catch Up

Hello all.  I'm sorry I've been MIA the last few weeks.  Life sort of happened and I also got lazy and unmotivated, as I do.  Whoops.  But I have a lot of progress to report, so shall we begin? I finished the baby hat I previously mentioned in my last Casual Friday post.

I completed my Halloween costume, and damn, does it look awesome!  I wore it to a Halloween party the weekend before and then again on the actual day at my aunt and uncle's.

Photo Oct 31, 11 00 57 PM

My aunt, uncle and I visited Carefree for their Art Festival.  We have attended it before, and it's small, but it was still nice to get to see the fine art artists are selling.  Since starting work at the Children's Museum, I haven't been able to attend any art shows with my aunt and uncle.  We used to go on Sunday's but since I work during the weekend, that hasn't been possible.  :(

I started and completed my sister's Christmas hat!  It's blocking now as I write, so I'll get some better pictures of it later.

I taught Arlyn how to knit!

Dylan and I took a trip to San Diego earlier this month.  I got to visit Susan and see The Grove and everything.  We also went to the San Diego Zoo and the Maritime Museum.  I think we hit all our bases when it came to our mutual interests.  It was a fun filled week and I hope we can go back soon!

Photo Oct 17, 5 58 20 PM

I'm trying to get my life a little more in order.  I cleaned my room today, so I'm already feeling more productive and motivated to do things and work on things.  Plus, with Christmas around the corner, I need to be working on knitted Christmas gifts!  I have a bunch in mind.

Until next time, and hopefully it won't be too long from now!