Roller Coaster

It's been a roller coaster of a day.  I woke up this morning hoping for new opportunities, and I got them, but it wasn't of the nature I was hoping.  But, it's a stepping stone, and that's what I must keep telling myself.  Even though I wanted my end goal yesterday, I have to keep working through the roadblocks and blessings in disguise before I can get there. I did briefly go to the Tempe Art Festival to visit David Lozeau's booth today.  The boyfriend did some modeling for him for one of his paintings, and last weekend in Tucson and this weekend in Tempe were the first times it was being displayed (from my understanding).  It looks fantastic.  I spoke with David and Erica for a while about art and San Diego and reenactments and jobs and whatnot.  They really brightened my day after feeling disappointed this morning.

Tonight is for goal writing.  I might make a special post this weekend, or it might show up during the next week.  The goal for my goals (ha!) is Wednesday.  Until then...

Canal Convergence November 7-10, 2013

I know I promised this on Friday, but a lot of factors got in the way. 1. It started raining last Thursday night and proceeded to rain all day Friday.  This meant that it was optimal time for me to get cozy and knit all day while watching tv shows and movies.  I finished another Christmas present.

2. Friday evenings are reserved for Arlyn time in which Arlyn comes over and we just sit and either get caught up on tv shows (it was The Walking Dead this time), or just hang out.  It's lovely.

3. I didn't do it Saturday because I had work and also, it was the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who.  Arlyn, Damian and I settled in on the couch for a pizza and Doctor Who party, squeeing like the fangirls that we are.  Haha!

4. Sunday I had work again, and then Damian, Arlyn, Dylan and I went to see Catching Fire in the evening.

And finally, 6. I kind of feel hesitant talking about an event that is now long past and I don't have a whole lot to say...but I'm still going to because it was cool and I have some neat pictures from it.  So here goes.

Canal Convergence is an event which showcases artists and art pieces in a market setting.  It was held at the Scottsdale Waterfront on the bridge and surrounding areas of the Arizona Canal.  Along with the artists and vendors, there was also live music and food trucks.

But it seemed that the best part of Canal Convergence to me was the main art piece.  It is called Voyage by Aether and Hemera.  Voyage is an interactive art piece.  The little lighted boats on the water can be controlled by you on your phone!  There were several different themes of lighting including the American Flag, Fireworks and the Arizona sunset.  My favorite had to be the Rainbow theme, because of how the colors flowed down the art piece and lit up the water.

Photo Nov 08, 7 16 57 PM

All in all, it was a fun evening of walking around, seeing what people were selling in their booths, and taking in all the art.

New Year, New Update

ihnfiwthiaditwflyer_wastedrita(Image via The Curious Brain)

So I suppose this blog is a year old.  Happy birthday  Me?

This image is clearly how I feel right now.  This is the last semester of my college career and the question "What are you going to do after you graduate?" continuously pops up in conversation.  The image says it all: "I have no fucking clue what the hell I'm going to do after graduation (but beer and snacks help)."

I apologize for not updating last semester.  Things got in the way.  I really hope to plan a post on everything I made during Fall of 2012.  I also plan to post on my recent adventure to The National Needlearts Association Tradeshow that I attended last weekend!

Hopefully as I ease into this semester more I will be able to post more and post in progress images of my projects I'm working on.  My Senior Exhibition class this semester should aid in getting myself more motivated to write and keep you updated on my artist life.

Until then...!


Tomorrow We'll Go to the Faire: Faires, Festivals, Conventions and Conferences

Since coming back to Arizona to attend college, I have frequented different art fairs with my aunt and uncle.  While we see a lot of the same artists at most of them, every once in a while someone unique appears.  Sometimes it's nice to know who will be at an art fair, but other times, it's fun to browse and see what you can find.  I always think about how working one would be challenging, but wonder if it would pay off.  I have worked a booth at the Sunnyslope Art Walk in Phoenix and while it's only 3 hours, it's a lot of work to set up, break down, and to be perfectly honest, it's a lot of work to smile and be pleasant to everyone who passes (even when you are not getting a lot of sales). When thinking about faires, festivals, conventions, or conferences that I'd like to work or at least visit, I have a hard time deciding.  In class, we learned about Unique LA.  I had never heard about it before.   A place for all things creative and unique?  Totally!

I've always heard about Maker Faire from various blogs I read, especially, of course, the Craft and Make Magazine blogs.  Maker Faire's happen all over the US and are a couple of days of creatives and inventors making unique and interesting things.  I'm not sure I'd participate in it, but I'd love to attend!

Another sort of convention I'd be interested in attending is The Bizarre Bazaar.  Again, I've heard about this one from craft blogs and podcasts.  According to the website it "is a unique marketplace featuring hundreds of exclusive exhibitors selected from the best craft and gift shows in America."  I think it'd be chaotic to work because it has grown so large, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to go sometime!

The National Needlearts Association recently had their Winter Trade-show here in Phoenix.  They have trade-shows around the country and I would love to attend one sometime to check it out, especially if they come back to Arizona!

While I'm interested in attending the previously mentioned conventions and fairs, and, if I built up a brand, possibly work one or two, one that I could see myself both attending and working at for sure is called The New York State Sheep and Wool Festival, or as it's more commonly known by fiber enthusiasts, Rhinebeck.  I've heard so much about Rhinebeck from various knitters, spinners, and podcasters that I feel like I've almost been there once.  Worse on the pocketbook than any fiber or yarn store, this festival has everything from workshops, vendors, and fleece sales, to sheepdog trials and fiber animal (sheep, goats, llama, alpaca) shows.

Photo by Garett C. Lown

Many knitters and fiber artists use Rhinebeck as a meetup.  I know that the knitting (and crocheting) community website, Ravelry, usually holds a meetup there.   (While I'm not totally immersed in the Ravelry community, maybe I should become more involved.  I've been on it a few years.  Who knows, I could network there!)

So, what would I do at Rhinebeck?  As a vendor, I think I might like to sell yarn I've spun and dyed.  Now that I have a spinning wheel do to that, why shouldn't I put it to use?

Photo by Garett C. Lown

I think that maybe if I made more felted creatures, I could sell those, too.  I'm sure that if I went to Rhinebeck and walked around, I could come up with something else I could make and sell.  But until I do, let me tour the festivals!

....Alright, confession.  I'm not all Fiber and Art.  I have a geeky side, too.

I happen to love Doctor Who.  (And lots of webcomics.  One of my favorite webcomic artist was there that day and she gave me a sketch!)

This was taken at Phoenix ComicCon.  Someday I'd love to go to ComicCon in San Diego (maybe when I'm living there?) but for now I'm content with wandering the Phoenix one.