Special Weekend Edition: San Diego Yarn Crawl 2014 Part 2

Welcome back!  We continue my recap of last weekend's San Diego Yarn Crawl. Sunday -

We awoke and went up to Encinitas to continue our adventures.  After a very yummy breakfast at St. Tropez, we were off again!

My moral support team!

The Black Sheep Here I made a make-and-take tassel and watched a demo on making art felt.  I also found this little beauty.


Lace Merino by Ella Rae Fingering / 4 ply 100% Merino 460 yards / 100 grams

Common ThreadsThe Yarnover Truck I was excited to visit Common Threads for a few different reasons: 1) They have a new location which is super close to some of my old stomping grounds when I was in San Diego for my internship. 2) They were featuring a GORGEOUS colorway called New Encinitas that I wanted the moment I saw it announced on Facebook. 3) Anthony Casalena was going to be hanging out with The Yarnover Truck!  Dylan and I went inside, I found the yarn I was itching to buy, and Dylan discovered a bowl of Slipped Stitch Studios buttons!  We probably went through all of them and found 20 for me to take home...whoops.


When we were buying them, there was a lady behind me who inquired what I was going to use them for. "To put on my project bags!" was my response.


Here's the yarn from Common Threads.


Twizzle by Mountain Colors Worsted / 10 ply 85% Merino, 15% Silk 250 yards / 100 grams

Afterwards, we went outside and I said, "There he is!  The man of the hour!" And Anthony laughed and we introduced ourselves.  It was really great to be able to talk with him a bit.  I popped into The Yarnover Truck to get a pin, but found another skien of yarn to bring home, too.


OctoBaa by Indigodragonfly Sport / 5 ply 100% Merino 270 yards / 100 grams

I had already purchased a skien of California Love, a color way made just for the Yarnover Truck, before the crawl, but I wanted to show you that, too.


Serenity Lace by Zen Yarn Garden Lace / 2 ply 90% Merino, 10% Cashmere 1050 yards / 100 grams

When I came out of the truck, Dylan had been conversing with Anthony and Aldo.  Anthony said, "You guys need to move out here!"  Yes!  We're trying!

Yarning for You The next stop was another yarn shop I had visited a couple years ago.  They were astonished to hear we came all the way from Arizona for the crawl.  I found another Zen Yarn Garden skien to take home.


Serenity 20 by Zen Yarn Garden Fingering / 4 ply 70% Merino, 20% Cashmere, 10% Nylon 400 yards / 100 grams

Dylan also snagged me a license plate frame that reads "I'D RATHER BE KNITTING." We just put it on the car yesterday, and it makes me super happy.

Kat's Yarn & Craft Cottage After an hour drive up to Julian, exclamations about sheep and Julian Cider, Dylan and I arrived at Kat's Yarn & Craft Cottage.  It was a cozy little place.  I'd love to go back to Julian to spend a little more time, but we were on a limit.  I wanted to get a shawl pin here made from trees lost in San Diego wildfires by Larry Carlson (of Fiber to Fabric Magic).

(Shawl Pin photo to come)

After making a purchase, we stopped at Julian Cider for a taste, and a walk down the Yellow Brick Road.


La Dolce Vida Alpaca Farm Our last stop!  Another 45 minute drive later, we arrived at the farm.  We had about an hour left before the crawl was over.  Joe, one of the owners, let us into the pen with the alpacas and I got to feed a couple of them!  He also had us pet some.  They're super shy, but so soft!

I bought some baby alpaca fiber, and then we were done just before 5pm when the crawl ended!


We were tired, and hungry again, so we met up with Dylan's friend Ian in Carlsbad for dinner, and then it was time to collect our belongings and drive home.



Overall, it was a wild-whirl-wind tour of the San Diego area and more, and it was exhausting.  I'm hoping maybe next year I can use all four days, instead of just Saturday and Sunday to hit all the shops.  And even though I was so tired when I went back to work Monday morning, I would have still done it all over again!

Knitting Downtime

Yesterday, one of my co-workers made the comment that I must have a really boring 8 hours.  And I'll be perfectly honest: I do.  But I try to occupy myself when I'm not answering phones or working on social media.  Usually I write these posts, browse Facebook for things to post on my page, glance at Ravelry for any new patterns to put in my ever-growing queue, and knit.  I don't like spending all my downtime on the internet, nor do I have any books on my Kindle that are begging for my attention.  So I knit.  I can put it down at a moment's notice if I need to do something, and I can still be totally aware of my surroundings. I started the Laughingbird scarf the first week I started this job.  I don't always work on it, and sometimes when I do I can only put a few rows in.  Some days I'm bored of it, and others I'm totally engaged in it.


I can't wait to see it when it's all blocked.  I'm hoping that I can get another project going (maybe with some nicer yarn) before the San Diego Yarn Crawl.  I also am looking into getting a project back from Slipped Stitch Studios.  I'm kind of obsessed with their Lost at Sea fabric they've been using for their products.  I have bought way too much stuff of theirs in that fabric and am about to buy more.


I'm looking into getting the Double Knit Plus Bag in Lost at Sea.  I know I have a ton of project bags that I've made myself already, but I really want this one...because of the fabric.  Believe me, if I knew where to find it, I would buy it all and make so many things with it. ...right after I wrote that, I just went and searched "Lost at Sea Fabric" and I found places to get it.  Damn.  There goes more money down the drain.  I really want to just buy 10 yards of the stuff.  It's a good thing my sewing machine is in storage...obviously that won't stop me from buying it.

I mentioned in a previous post I talked about knitting at work.  It just reminds me of my internship when Susan would say "Okay, enough work, let's go knit." And we would sit down and work on our projects, either personal or for the store, and if someone came in, I was able to pop up and help them.  That's something I really miss.  But no one has made a fuss here yet about me knitting on the job, so until they do, I'm going to do just that. And buy my new project bag.