Converting the Roommate to Knitting

Happy Friday everyone! The knitting addiction is back.  Over the past couple of months, I've felt rather uninspired with my knitting and yarn in general.  A scandal for me, if I might say.  However, last spring I taught my roommate, Damian, how to knit.  He was gone all summer, and since coming back to school, he's been busy.  But the other night, he picked up the piece he was learning to knit on and took off with it.  He has caught the knitting bug!  He took his little sample piece to class with him all day yesterday and made such progress.

Last night I was able to discuss with him the differences of garter and stockinette stitches, yarn gauge and needle sizes, and all those other knitting knowledge essentials.  And then I put him on Ravelry so that he might see all the things that he could possibly make with two sticks and some string.  Damian's eyes were opened to all the new possibilities.  So exciting!

I got called in to work today, so I'm off to go do that for three hours, and then Den and I are going to Canal Convergence in Scottsdale.  I believe it goes on until 4pm on Sunday, November 10, so if you're in the area, come check it out!  Lots of art stuffs.  I'm sure I'll write something on it next week.  Until then, have a good weekend!

My Next Sweater Has Been Found: Embrace

Happy Friday! I do believe I've found my next sweater that I want to knit.  It's called "Embrace" by Maia E. Sirnes.


(via Embrace Octopus Sweater Pattern)

The funny thing is that my friend Arlyn had showed me pictures of the sweater she found on Tumblr earlier in the day yesterday (Thursday).  Later in the afternoon, I found the link to the Ravelry page, and here we are!

I'm quite excited to get started on it.  It'll be fun to learn some new techniques including intarsia.

In other news, I'm not allowed to buy any more's not that I have too much, it's that I can't afford it!

Have a good weekend, and I'll see you all on Monday!