Finding Time

Sometimes there are days when you just run out of time. I've been noticing this occurance a lot while I've been doing the 100 Day Challenge. Some days one gets too busy to work on anything. I especially feel this way between work and home life.  

My routine usually consists of getting up, driving, working, driving, showering and then either relaxing or going to bed. I'm not trying to make excuses, but I don't always want to be felting and accidentally stabbing my fingers. And I don't always want to be taking some picture of the socks I'm knitting to show you I'm making something. I like doing my little watercolors, as I said in a previous post. Hopefully my schedule eases down a little soon and I can show you more of what I'm doing.

This has been your weekly update. Until next time... 

P.S. I wrote this at a pub. We'll see how coherent it is. Haha

My 100 Day Project

Just a reminder that I started my own 100 Day Project over on Instagram. My hashtags are #100DaysOfShowingUp // #100DaysOfArt //#100DaysOfFiberArt Please check it out! @captnshamrock

This past week I wasn't able to work on a felted creature until yesterday.

Even so, it was a false start. 

But, I believe that progress is made even if I show up for 30 minutes to an hour every day and show off what I’m working on.

I DID do a couple other things this past week: 1) I started a new pair of socks (some of the fabric is shown in the first image) and 2) I did a small watercolor study. 

Giraffe Skull

Giraffe Skull

I haven’t done watercolors in a long time, probably not since before I graduated college. Doing a small quick study showed me that I still have a little skill there which makes me super excited. I’ll be adding a few to my 100 Day Project. 

So, that’s it for this week. More to follow soon! Thank you for all the support, it really boosts my confidence and keeps me writing/making art. 

Showing Up

The hardest part of my day is waking up. I have two alarms set four days a week: one at 4:45 and the other at 5am. The 4:45 one breaks me out of whatever deep sleep I was in so I can slowly start moving towards being fully awake. The 5am alarm is the final push to get me out of bed. I never hit the snooze button because I know I'll just go right back to bed and miss work. In fact, I keep my phone across the room so that it forces me to get up to turn it off. 

Showing up to work isn't too much of an issue. When people are depending on me I always try to make it a point to be early or on time. But what happens when you need to start showing up for yourself? Personally, when I have plans to work on something on a certain day and then don’t force myself to sit down and do it, I’m disappointed. I was depending on myself to show up. I didn’t . This is something I need to work on now and in the future, ESPECIALLY if I’m going to make art a full-time thing. 

A lot of creative marketing blogs and podcasts discuss the idea of showing up for your audience. That's what I've been trying to do for you these past few weeks. If I have something to show you, and I show up to present it to you, the more likely it is for you to want to continue to see what I'm working on. And that's all I want. (Hopefully, my start time can be a little later than 5am, though.)

So, check this out!

I made another Mini-Felted creature (fox/wolf?). He measures 4" x 2.5" x 3.75". I haven't quite decided on a name yet, but he looks like a Frank or Frankie to me. I'll sit with him just a bit longer to decide, but I think that will be his name. As soon as he has a name, he'll be up for sale.

I would love to start having some audience participation in naming some of these creatures. Do you have any suggestions on what to name this little guy?

I Made a Thing

I'm rather enjoying the concept of Wednesdays becoming my blog days. Let's hope I can keep this up!

It's been a long time since I've really made and completed an original piece of art. Sure, I’ve finished lots of knitting, but it’s not of my design. I guess I finally got fed up last Friday/Saturday. I buckled down to make something.

Meet Maxwell.


He's my new Mini-Felted Fox measuring 4" x 2.75" x 2.5". He's the first in a series of Mini-Felted Taxidermy, an idea that has been bouncing around in my creative brain for too long now. Finally, he has emerged. Which leads to my next thought.

Idea Debt. I read an article on Idea Debt about a month ago and was filled with dread…I have Idea Debt. Basically, it's the concept of imagining and talking about something you desire to create or do for so long that it is established as “real” in your mind. Therefore, you just don't do it. It's a whole lot of thinking and not a whole lot of doing. That's how I was starting to feel about these Miniature Taxidermy pieces I'm kicking off. Hopefully, that has changed and I start to make more art.

I'm definitely feeling more positive this week and have more confidence in myself after posting pictures of Maxwell to Instagram on Saturday. But, I did have to get up the courage to put a price on him. (Yes, he is for sale. He's $45 + shipping. I hope to create a shop page on here soon, but for now, contact me if interested! ) I believe that in order to be taken seriously, one has to have the courage to just go for something and do it. I simply needed to set my mind to it, and - voila! - new pieces!

Yesterday, Elle Luna, an artist and designer, posted on her Instagram about the 100 Days Project.

This could not have come at a more opportune time! To participate in the 100 Days Project one picks an action and then does it every day for 100 days. I reposted Elle’s picture and asked who would join me on this journey. I might not be picking a specific medium since Fiber Art is pretty broad, but I figured if I'm at least working (not thinking!) on something every day for 100 days that I might bring a few things out into the world. Want to see what I'm doing during my 100 Days? Follow me on Instagram @captnshamrock and/or Like my Facebook Page! The journey starts April 19th!

That's all I have for this week. Hopefully, another felted creature will be here next Wednesday!



Just keep following /The heartlines on your hand / Just keep following / The heartlines on your hand / Keep it up / I know you can / Just keep following / The heartlines on your hand

This song by Florence and the Machine has been floating around in my head for a little while. I don’t think that I had really listened to the lyrics until one occasion recently when Dylan and I were driving back from Arizona. It was a Sunday night, and I was dreading the thought of going to bed only to have to get up in a few hours for work in the morning. Dylan was singing the song to me as it played and at that moment, the meaning of the words really hit home.

It’s been while since I’ve written on my blog. Partly because I have switched jobs and found it difficult to scramble some time and thoughts together to write about. I’m now working for a well-known fibers company. It seems that when you really put out your hopes and desires to the Universe, it listens. While I’m just pulling orders and not designing or getting to make anything, and the commute is rather a grueling journey, I’m in a much more positive environment for my creative self. But now that I’m only working 4 days a week, Thursdays are my Fridays and I’m trying to use the extra time to create things.

Except that doesn’t always happen.

Most of the time, at least, the past two months, when I’ve been trying to work on things some part of it doesn’t work out. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make molds for miniature animal heads for a while now. I think the silicone method we tried will work, however, it is very time-consuming. I have a couple more ideas to try.

I did do some natural dyeing with The Northwoods Hat kit in Logwood from A Verb For Keeping Warm that Dylan was so kind to gift to me for Christmas. And I did finish felting antlers for my deer. I just need to figure out how to attach them. All in due time.


On top of all of this, the house seems to be a mess a majority of the time, and I’d rather work in a clean environment than a messy one. 

However, all of these things are excuses. It’s not that the house is too messy that I can’t make things, it’s that my brain thinks it’s too messy so makes up an excuse to not work on art. Just like when in school and you have that huge test to study for... when all of a sudden - THE ROOM IS A DISASTER I MUST CLEAN EVERYTHING!!! It's not that I don't have the time in the evening to work on things, but sometimes I am very tired of being on my feet all day, and driving does take the mental energy out of me. I think there is a lesson in discipline here somewhere...

Progress happens, but it's slow. I feel passionate about what I want to do, I just have to keep on doing it. I know something will come of me making my art. Just because I can't support myself on it now doesn't mean that I will never be able to. I just have to keep following the heartlines on my hand, just like Florence says. Keep it up. I know you can. 


Ever have projects that you just anticipate the end?  The ones you can't wait to be finished with and hang on the wall, or wear, or whathaveyou?  Mostly for me, I can't wait to finish so I can start the next one.  I try to keep projects lined up, especially if I have yarn or other supplies lying around. I'm not quite actively anticipating any projects at the moment.  There are a couple I have in the back of my mind that I'm thinking about.  I have my yarn that I got in Alaska that I want to start working with, but that's the only one I can really name off the bat what I want to work with right now.


I'm going to make a Traveling Woman Shawl from it.  I think it's very fitting since I did get the yarn while I was traveling in Alaska.

What are you anticipating?

Drawings and Drizzles

On Monday I discovered that Spoonflower was doing something called the Spoon Challenge.  It's a tool to create the habit of making art every day.  What's nice is they choose a theme for the week and then prompts to draw.  I started this Monday and the theme is animals with the first prompt being Platypus. wGyUAqRcqk7eL8Pm.jpg

Essentially, because I'm working when I do this, I'm planning to use whatever I have at the desk I'm using.  (I don't know if I mentioned this before, but doing temp jobs is interesting in that you're working at someone else's desk with someone else's pictures and things.) Also, while I do have access to a scanner here, I just wanted to take snapshots and upload the doodles quickly. The quality isn't the best, but it's not suppose to be a grand work of art, just exercises for me to work on. Anyway, I haven't done much drawing in a long time, so I hope to hone a little bit of skill.  Yesterday's prompt was Hedgehog.


It's nice to have something like that to work on during the day in addition to knitting when I don't have anything else going on.  Especially since I'm not able to make bigger things like my felted taxidermy or printing fabric.  I'm looking forward to knowing what I'll be drawing today.


Yesterday we had some serious downpours.  While I was getting plenty of warnings for flash floods in the area, I was sitting behind my desk watching the rain begin to fall.  It was around lunchtime when it all began.  The even darker clouds started replacing the ones in the already overcast sky.  And then the rain came.  And then the phone calls started.  I think over the course of 30 minutes, I had received about 11 calls about things leaking within the mall.  Crazy!  And I was the only one in the office, so there wasn't much I could do since all the maintenance people were working on other leaks or making sure water wasn't flooding into other areas.  So yes, it was a crazy afternoon and I wasn't able to take a break until an hour after my normal lunch time.  So, while I would have liked to be home with coffee and knitting and watching the rain, instead I worked hard to make sure I kept everyone happy.

On the plus side to all the rain, however, I've been seeing a lot of dragonflies today.


Do What You Love Follow Up

Because I don't have much to show you project-wise, I'd like to address some other topics regarding progress.  In last Thursday's post, I was throwing out the "Do what you love" line and discussing that a bit. I had totally forgotten some wise words from one of my favorite authors and artist, Austin Kleon.  (Seriously, I need to just carry his books around with me everywhere so when I'm feeling off track I can just read something out of it and - BOOM - back on track.) In this particular post, Kleon answers a question from someone regarding keeping your day job, even if it's not what you want to be doing.  He also addressed it today during his Office Hours.  While I based my college career off of "Do what you love" I totally understand his point about it not being able to pay the bills.  And I understand it's pretty cliche nowadays.

I get that if everyone did what they loved, not much would get done depending on what it is so-and-so loved...I know people who love numbers and business who do it all the time.  And they're lucky.  That's something the world needs all the time, business people and accountants and whathaveyou.

BUT!  I do think the world needs Fibers.  Obviously we wear them every day.  But that's a job for fashion designers...right?  I'm more art based...but wouldn't you like to have a unique piece of art in your home?  That's the real struggle for me.  What if there isn't a demand for art like mine?  Wouldn't I be right back to doing something for the money instead of for the love of it?  I'd also like to teach workshops someday, spreading my love of Fibers.

For now, I'm job hunting with keywords that would possibly satisfy my need to work in an environment working with fibers.  I had a perfect one that I applied to, followed up and followed up, and was finally told that the position was filled.  I was disappointed because I felt that I was perfect for the position.  Back to the drawing board.

I think I meant for this post to go somewhere else, but this is where I'll be leaving it for now.  Basically, I really want to keep doing what I love and figure out how I can survive by doing it.

Knitting Plans

After the last couple of weeks, I feel as if I haven't made a whole lot this week.  I was thinking about it last night and I average about one knitted item a week and am usually working on some other project at the same time (usually unrelated to knitting).  Typically I'm not a one project knitter.  I have a scrap blanket in the works, and plans for another blanket.  When I was working on my Embrace Sweater, I kept that one at home and took another project (I think it was my Doctor Who shawl) out and about with me. Right now I'm solely working on a Sea Foam Cowl that I'm using up some stash yarn with.  Last week I was moving (*gasp!*) all of my stash into my new storage unit, because, you know, I'm moving.  But, I made sure to pull out some yarn I totally forgot I had so that I had something to use this summer.  This is due to me realizing I was almost done with my list of projects I had planned for last year.  I think, also, that's why I started working on one thing at a time.

I was also a bit bad, and bought some new yarn last week.  I couldn't resist it.  It's Wanton Fiber's Tart in the Koi colorway.  It's Alpaca and soft and heavenly!  It came all wrapped up like this:


And when I opened it....ERRMERGERD.  I love it so much.  It's sitting next to my knitting spot as motivation for me to finish the Sea Foam Cowl and start knitting with the Tart yarn.


I've already planned what project I'm going to make with it.  I've been wanting to make Purl Bee's Bandana Cowl.  With a little math, I was able to adapt the bulky gauge pattern to comply with my new sport weight.  I hope to finish it before my trip to Alaska, because it's going to be super warm and soft up against my neck.

I also made more project bags on Monday.

Photo Apr 23, 12 29 12 PM

I made a total of 7, two are the foxes.  I made a second one for a coworker who also knits.  I really hope she likes it because it's a total surprise.  The two on the far right are for Den because I gave her a refresher on knitting.

So, there's really no excuse why I shouldn't have a tutorial for these.  I was good a took pictures to make a tutorial for tomorrow's blog post.  That's all I have for you today, so please stop back tomorrow for the project bag tutorial!

Lots of Knits

As if I don't already knit quickly, I finished my Glam Shells shawl this week. I really like how it came out. I was afraid the pattern might be a little cliché, but I really enjoyed it! The body was an easy repeat to remember and the lace went quickly. 20140417-002918.jpg

I just finished another Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief. This one is for Damian for his graduation! He had some Plymouth Yarn Company Gina that he got from The Grove a few months ago and asked if I'd make it for him. Two day (probably less if I really put my mind to it) project!


And finally, something that I'm even more excited about...I made my own stitch markers!



I used charms and split rings from Michael's.  Damian, Den and I were browsing the charms when we came up with the idea.  I can't wait to start using some of them soon!

I also found some yarn in my stash that I can use for more knitting in the coming months.  I'm traveling a bit

Goals Past and Present

Last Friday, I mentioned I was going to work on goals.  I decided that it might be best for me to revisit a post I had made two years ago when I made this blog for my Marketing for Artists class.  It was really interesting to me, mostly because there was a section about two years from the point I wrote the post.  And now, it's been two years later...

-Short Term Goals (Now-2014 [2 yrs]) 1. Be selected to have work in 3 or more juried art shows. 2. Internship (preferably in San Diego). 3. Move in with two of my classmates who are also Fibers Majors. 4. Graduate in May of 2013. 5. Overcome my fear of what my parents think (regarding what I want to do and where I want to live). 6. Move to San Diego. 7. Work at a yarn/fiber store.

Now, it's kind of amazing to me that I have done about 5 out of those 7 things, and am still working on the other two.  The ones I completed are as follows:

1. I sort of lost interest in showing my work after I graduated, but I almost made my goal of 3.  During my undergrad, I was in 2 juried shows!

2. I did my internship in San Diego during the summer of 2012.

3. I moved in with one of the two Fibers classmates, and I've been living with him for almost 2 years!

4.  Yes, I graduated.

7. Besides my internship, I got a job at another yarn shop for a short period of time.

So, what am I still working on? 5 and 6.  I'm still working on getting over my fear of what my parents think regarding my life choices.  Friday after my meeting, I went to their house, and I just started crying because I was scared that they wouldn't support my decision to move.  In reality, they just didn't know how serious I was about moving to San Diego.  I think they'd support me no matter what, they're just worried about if I'll be able to find a job to afford living out there.  And of course, I'm working to get to San Diego.

So, I'm now going to make a list of current goals, but in shorter intervals, and then longer ones.

-In the next 3 months (Now-June)

  1. Begin packing (April)
  2. Extend lease to end of June (April)
  3. Locate storage space (June)
  4. Take the family cruise to Alaska and RELAX (May)
  5. Move back to my parents' house (June)
  6. Continue working on felted animals and knitting projects

-In the next 6 months (Now-September)

  1. Continue working temp/contract jobs
  2. Continue searching for job in San Diego
  3. Search for housing in San Diego
  4. Take a trip to San Diego to physically be there while I search (July or August?)
  5. Move....................?

So I guess those are my goals with a smaller time frame.  If I can't move by October, I at least want to be out by the end of the year.  The other thing is, I don't want to be living at my parents' for forever.  I'm so used to living on my own with friends and having that freedom.  Also, the boyfriend has been talking about moving in together, so we'll see where he is in September with his own job hunt.  After October, it gets kind of fuzzy in my head.  I can't quite see that far...but let's try.

-In the next 2 years (Now-2016)

  1. Living and working in San Diego
  2. Continue with felted animals and begin selling them
  3. Teach knitting classes
  4. Design knitting patterns to sell
  5. Go to the beach at least once a week (Sunday mornings?)
  6. Visit home 4-5 times a year (especially for Easter and Christmas)
  7. Travel (because the boyfriend probably wouldn't let me get away with not traveling, but also because I'd like to see a little more of the world)

So, that's where I am with all of that at this point.  I feel so much better now that I've written all of that down.  Hopefully it wasn't too boring.  And I know I have time.  I just have to put my mind to it.  And, even better, I know that the sky is the limit when I put my mind to it.

Photo Mar 25, 6 39 42 PM

Project Progress: What I'm Knitting Right Now

Good morning! I thought I might show you what's on my needles right now.

After finishing my Doctor Who shawl, I decided to dig in my planned projects bag.  I pulled out my Zitron Filigran yarn to be used with The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief pattern.  I had been wanting to make it ever since I saw it at The Grove during my internship.  As the pattern calls for DK weight, and Filigran is fingering to lace weight yarn, I'm going to have to add a lot more repeats to get it to the size I want.  Honestly, it's going pretty quick for being such a small gauge of yarn.  Also, the colorway is perfect for me.  Of course, it's called Ocean, and it keeps me pretty engaged, wondering when the next color will show up!

Photo Mar 26, 10 03 20 AM

Also on my needles is something I picked back up.  I had an itch to work with Ewe Ewe's Wooly Worsted again.  I remembered that my friend Amanda had asked me to make a Puzzle Pieces changing mat for her future children.  I had kind of set it aside for a while to focus on other things, since she doesn't plan on having kids right this second.  But I needed something with instant gratification yesterday.  I can make each piece in about 30 minutes.  I probably made about 6 or 7 yesterday alone.

Photo Mar 26, 10 05 15 AM

So, that's what I've been working on this week.  I need to do a little more work on my felted deer, which is sitting neglected in the corner by the kitchen table.  Whoops.

See you tomorrow!

Catch Up Progress

Happy New Year! Alright, it's a little late, I know, but still.  I haven't been good at fitting in blogging into my schedule lately.  I think about it all the time, don't get me wrong.  But sitting down and writing something has been a struggle.

Anyway, enough of my pity party.  What have I been working on?!

All my Christmas knitting was completed way before Christmas.  It was a huge weight off my shoulders.  I've got one or two other little things that didn't have to be quite done by Christmas, so I've still got those on my plate.  Everyone really enjoyed their knitted gifts.  Arlyn and Jenn got their Lucy hats, Shannon, Grandma and Aunt Cricket got arm knitted cowls, my nieces got their slippers and a caterpillar toy, co-worker Kate got her coffee mug cozy, Chelsea got a slouchy hat.  I felt like I was on a roll as far as making things this Christmas!  I also sewed a Schoodie for best friend Andrew to give to another friend.  And I made Dylan a sailor bracelet, and I'm working on a friendship bracelet for co-worker Nick.

As for things knitted for me, I'm still working on my Doctor Who shawl.  I finally figured out the lace pattern the other night.  I hardly have to look at the pattern anymore!  As a result, it's going much faster, and all I want to do is work on it.  I've also pulled out my TV Knitting Blanket again and was working on that (before I figured out the lace pattern in the shawl).  One of Dylan's friends has asked me to make him a hat, so I need to go out and get yarn for that...and Arlyn needs to give me back my US 8 DPNs she borrowed to make her first hat.  I tell you, knitting monsters over here!

I still have plans for that one silhouette embroidery project.  Someday I'll get back to it.  I also have more plans for other projects that I just need to get supplies for...and a better workspace.  Soon!

I got a book titled The Creative Entrepreneur for Christmas from my sister.  I'm starting to work in it a little more diligently than I have in any other creative business book.  I will, of course, go back and put things into my creative journal that I've read about before in other books, but The Creative Entrepreneur has been the kickstart to it all.  Finally!

I have plans to maybe revamp the blog schedule to see if I'll pay a little more attention to it in the coming months.  I'd like to work more on the Facebook page, too, as well as get a logo going for myself and whatnot.  Step by step, it'll all happen.

How to be Productive when You're Sick

Hello world.  I lost another week due to being sick.  It's a shame, really, since I had already been sick once in the past month's time.  It came on last Monday and by Tuesday, I was miserable.  It was just a head cold/sinus thing, but even though I was confining myself to the apartment, I was still able to work on projects. I remained in my bed all morning last Tuesday before finally getting up.  I promptly made a nest on the couch with blankets, pillows, my laptop and my knitting.  I finished another Christmas hat, and settled in to start on one of my niece's slippers.  I managed to finish an entire slipper before the day was over while watching Casablanca, Play It Again, Sam, a few episodes of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and Once Upon a Time.  I'm rather impressed with myself because I've never really been able to complete one sock or slipper in a day's time.  However, because I was confining myself to one spot to try and recover with tea and medicines and rest, I was giving myself the creative environment to start and finish an entire piece.  The second slipper took a bit longer because I didn't have that force driving me to sit in one spot for as long as I did during my sick day.

So here's my productive sick day checklist.

1. Be sick (optional) I'm not sure why I got sick again.  I blame work due to being around so many people, namely children.  I constantly wash my hands at work, but you never know...someone might have coughed on me while I was putting an apron on them.  Ew.

2. Find a comfy spot I have developed a spot on the couch that I've designated as mine.  I can, of course, sit in other spots; I'm not Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory after all.  But the spot I've named as mine is ideal for knitting.  I have the side table to my right where I can set my patterns, notions, and coffee/tea (mostly coffee, but because I was sick, it was tea).  Also on the table I keep my OttLight and my essential oils diffuser.  The couch I have doesn't have armrests, so I usually place a pillow to my right to support my arm.  I also keep a pillow behind me (also designated as "Megan's Pillow" due to the fact that it has shamrocks on it) for extra back support.  Add a blanket, and the comfy spot/nest is complete.

Photo Nov 20, 1 22 29 PM

3. Gather Viewing Material and Supplies I always find it nice to be able to be watching or listening to something when I'm knitting.  It almost keeps me more focused and motivated to work on a project if I'm watching a movie or tv show or listening to a podcast.  For instance, my Aidez sweater was knitted almost completely when I was watching The Walking Dead with Damian and Arlyn.  On this particular sick day, I chose to watch Casablanca and Play It Again, Sam because I had not seen those movies before (if I had a dollar for every time someone asked if I've seen a certain movie and I say no, I'd be rich).  Due to the "new" nature of them to me, I was able to stay focused on both my project and the movies.  The same goes for watching tv shows I want to get caught up on, etc.

As for supplies, I tend to keep my knitting in my sitting area.  I have the stand up knitting bag that my Grandma gave me where I keep everything I could possibly need for my knitting projects.

4. Have Time I had absolutely nothing else to be doing on that particular day.  This made it super easy to just relax, rest, watch movies and tv shows, and knit.

So, there's the basic checklist on how to be productive when you're sick.  I hope it was at least entertaining if not useful.

I plan to write about Canal Convergence on Friday, so stay tuned for that!

Progress and Catch Up

Hello all.  I'm sorry I've been MIA the last few weeks.  Life sort of happened and I also got lazy and unmotivated, as I do.  Whoops.  But I have a lot of progress to report, so shall we begin? I finished the baby hat I previously mentioned in my last Casual Friday post.

I completed my Halloween costume, and damn, does it look awesome!  I wore it to a Halloween party the weekend before and then again on the actual day at my aunt and uncle's.

Photo Oct 31, 11 00 57 PM

My aunt, uncle and I visited Carefree for their Art Festival.  We have attended it before, and it's small, but it was still nice to get to see the fine art artists are selling.  Since starting work at the Children's Museum, I haven't been able to attend any art shows with my aunt and uncle.  We used to go on Sunday's but since I work during the weekend, that hasn't been possible.  :(

I started and completed my sister's Christmas hat!  It's blocking now as I write, so I'll get some better pictures of it later.

I taught Arlyn how to knit!

Dylan and I took a trip to San Diego earlier this month.  I got to visit Susan and see The Grove and everything.  We also went to the San Diego Zoo and the Maritime Museum.  I think we hit all our bases when it came to our mutual interests.  It was a fun filled week and I hope we can go back soon!

Photo Oct 17, 5 58 20 PM

I'm trying to get my life a little more in order.  I cleaned my room today, so I'm already feeling more productive and motivated to do things and work on things.  Plus, with Christmas around the corner, I need to be working on knitted Christmas gifts!  I have a bunch in mind.

Until next time, and hopefully it won't be too long from now!

Productivty and Lists

So, let's be honest.  I haven't been that productive these past few weeks.  I just haven't felt like making anything.  And today, I had dental work done, so that makes me feel even less creative.  All I want to do right now is sit in my bed and rest after this morning's mouth trauma. All of that aside, I WANT to make things.  I just haven't had the motivation to sit down and actually make anything.  But, perhaps the best thing to do right now is make a list of things I want to work on and do and make.  It's a start at least.

  1. Finish knitting baby hat for a friend.
  2. Begin sister's Christmas hat.
  3. Continue working on Amanda's baby mat.
  4. Make new business cards.
  5. Continue working on embroidery project.
  6. Finish Halloween Costume.

That's about all I can think of at the moment.  I do believe it might be nap time.  Today has been a bit of a roller coaster so I think I deserve a nap...and then knitting.

So, until next time, dear readers.