Progress and Catch Up

Hello all.  I'm sorry I've been MIA the last few weeks.  Life sort of happened and I also got lazy and unmotivated, as I do.  Whoops.  But I have a lot of progress to report, so shall we begin? I finished the baby hat I previously mentioned in my last Casual Friday post.

I completed my Halloween costume, and damn, does it look awesome!  I wore it to a Halloween party the weekend before and then again on the actual day at my aunt and uncle's.

Photo Oct 31, 11 00 57 PM

My aunt, uncle and I visited Carefree for their Art Festival.  We have attended it before, and it's small, but it was still nice to get to see the fine art artists are selling.  Since starting work at the Children's Museum, I haven't been able to attend any art shows with my aunt and uncle.  We used to go on Sunday's but since I work during the weekend, that hasn't been possible.  :(

I started and completed my sister's Christmas hat!  It's blocking now as I write, so I'll get some better pictures of it later.

I taught Arlyn how to knit!

Dylan and I took a trip to San Diego earlier this month.  I got to visit Susan and see The Grove and everything.  We also went to the San Diego Zoo and the Maritime Museum.  I think we hit all our bases when it came to our mutual interests.  It was a fun filled week and I hope we can go back soon!

Photo Oct 17, 5 58 20 PM

I'm trying to get my life a little more in order.  I cleaned my room today, so I'm already feeling more productive and motivated to do things and work on things.  Plus, with Christmas around the corner, I need to be working on knitted Christmas gifts!  I have a bunch in mind.

Until next time, and hopefully it won't be too long from now!

Thinking About Halloween Already

So, it's almost the middle of September, and I've already started on my costume for Halloween. I mentioned it in a post last week.  Here's a sneak preview image. Photo Sep 11, 10 10 13 PM

I'm pretty proud of that pocket, let me just say.  I've started on the shirt portion of the costume, but I need to go back and redo a few things on it before I'm ready to show pictures.  I had to go back to Joann's twice to get piping and more of the duckcloth in white.  I also was able to get a blue tank top yesterday to go underneath the costume one.  And I got fabric paint for the back design.  Come to think of it, I should have gotten grey as well.  Damn.  Oh well, another trip back to the craft store for me, I guess.

I haven't been motivated to work on the embroidery project.  But here's a little something.

Photo Sep 11, 10 11 04 PM

I've started on the border, but I'm planning on making it more elaborate than just a line of embroidery.  We'll see.  It's sort of evolving on its own as I think about it.

I also said in my last post that I was finishing Amanda's Cowl.  Let me tell you, kitchener stitch is a bitch.  But I made it.  Here's a picture of the lovely bias.

Photo Sep 11, 10 12 26 PM

I've already started on her next project, too.  I'm loving the puzzle peices!  They're just so simple and I can knock them out one by one pretty quickly.

Photo Sep 11, 10 11 50 PM

Amanda usually leans towards chocolate browns...she must be having a green kick considering the last project I made for her, and this one!

The yarn for my sister's Christmas present arrived today.  I can't wait to get started on it.  She picked out the Lucy Hat in the same colors as pictured in that link.  I'm looking forward to getting started on it.

I think that's all I have for progress this week.  What are you working on right now?

Progress and Updates Week of September 1

I'm off a couple days again with two reasons.  Wednesday was my uncle's birthday, so I was distracted from posting due to celebrations.  But, also, I got a phone call from my boyfriend's mom wondering if I had heard from him recently because there had been a workplace accident on the ship.  The ship's Facebook page named no names, so we were both in the dark about what happened and who was involved.  All we knew was that two of the three people involved were now in a hospital ashore. Lo' and behold, Dylan was involved.  That was no surprise to me.  His mom called me back a couple hours later saying that she had talked to him and he was in the hospital with a concussion, broken hand and bruised ribs.  While I was worried, I knew he was alright, and that's all that mattered to me.  I was able to talk to him a little early yesterday morning and he gave me a brief rundown of what happened before he went to rest more.

SO!  What have I been working on?  I did start the embroidery finally...but my thumb split this past weekend, so it was difficult to continue on that.  I'm almost done with Amanda's cowl (I hate kitchener stitch on laceweight yarn, let me just say).  I gave my sister her shawl and she loves it.  I took pictures of her in it Wednesday to post on Ravelry.

I've also started sewing my Halloween costume.  I'm going to be Chell from Portal and Portal 2.  I'm super excited to be making my Halloween costume again.  I used to do it every year as a teenager, but since college, I haven't had the time to put anything together.  I already have one of the tank tops, and socks that resemble long-fall boots.  I need a blue tank top, ballet flats (so I can walk around outside) and I need to get fabric paint for the back logo, as well as some white fabric for accents.  I got the fabric on Tuesday, and cut it out and started sewing it yesterday.  I have the pants portion done, though I think I need to add knee patches and another pocket to make it more screen accurate.  Which leads me to my next thought.

I'm working First Friday tonight at the museum.  It really puts a damper on my weekend creativity, because all I want to do is sew this weekend, but I can't today because I have to leave the house early enough so that I don't run into traffic on my way to work.  There's just lull in my creative process that is my job.  This is why I miss The Grove so much.  There, I was able to sit down and knit while I was working (of course I wasn't being paid) if it was slow.  And even if someone needed help, I was able to jump up, help and then go back to my knitting.  Those were better times.

I think today, I'll finish up Amanda's cowl, and start on her next project.  It's something easy I can put down when it's time for me to go to work tonight.

Again, I apologize I've missed posting on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  Next week should be better.  I'll try to post pictures of my costume progress, too!  Have a good weekend, and I'll see you Monday.