Projects and Project Bags

Today has been kind of busy, but I wanted to tell you about what I've been working on this week! For Christmas, I made Arlyn and Damian project bags for their knitting projects (or whatever else they wanted to carry in them).  Not long ago, I decided to make myself one and also found fabric for Arlyn and Damian that I couldn't resist.  I ended up making them each another.  A few weeks ago, Damian asked if I would be willing to make more bags for him, and of course, I said yes.  So, last Saturday, we went on an adventure to pick out more fabric for more project bags.  On Monday, I sat down and made two for Damian and two for myself.

Photo Apr 07, 1 16 56 PM

The process is super easy.  I plan to make a tutorial to post here at some point.  Ideally, I'd like to be able to sell the bags, but they're just so simple that I'd probably just be better off making a tutorial to show you so you can make your own.  I started writing the tutorial down as I was making these ones, but I forgot (of course) to take pictures.  So, next time, friends!

Photo Apr 07, 5 30 47 PM

Also, on Monday, I finished my Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief!  I blocked it that evening and wore it on Tuesday.  I added three extra repeats since I was using a lace weight/fingering gauge yarn (Zitron Filigran in the Ocean colorway) when the pattern asks for DK weight.  It's a little bigger than the original.

Photo Apr 07, 7 57 26 PM

Right now, I'm working on a Glam Shells shawl.  The yarn I'm using is just so perfect, and I didn't even realize until I started making it!  The yarn is Itata Solid by Araucania and contains wool, bamboo and silk.  The mix of these three fibers gives it a certain texture that reminds me of nets, which is very fitting since part of the shawl looks like a net.  I didn't quite get the best in progress picture, but I'll be sure to post a final picture when I get to it so you can see the pattern better.


So, yes, that is what has been happening in way of projects.  I did try to start working on antlers for my felted deer yesterday, but everything I was trying didn't seem to work out.  I tried crocheting around the antlers, sewing fabric around them...nothing was really working out.  I then decided to make wire forms and then I'll cover them in foil and felt around them.  I'll write about that in another post soon.

See you tomorrow!