It's the Little Things that Inspire You

I'm sitting here at work this morning, coffee in hand, thinking about last weekend.  I'm going through Facebook posts on the health benefits of knitting.  I'm looking at pictures of gorgeous hand-dyed yarns, and also looking through a book of gardens, most of which are California gardens.  And you know what? It's kind of hard not to tear up.  Why do I feel so emotional over this hobby of mine? Is it just a hobby? I know I'd love for it to be my career path. Why am I so emotional over wanting to move? I know it's probably because it's been my dream goal for at least three years.  Also, I'm itching to move...maybe it's a job hunting day. I'm looking up articles on how to start designing knitting patterns.  What sort of inspiration can I find to invoke a design? What sort of shapes can I make? What colors should I use?

Today is just one of those days where you feel like everything is going right.  I feel productive at work, doing work things, not just feeling like I'm slacking off working on my own things (not that that's a problem, but, you know, I ought to be working while I'm at work). I hope this continues on through the weekend.

What is inspiring you?  What is making you feel good?


Creativity and Labor Day

Here I was thinking I wasn't going to have anything inspiring for you today.  How wrong I was.  I found this article called "What I Wish I Knew About Creativity When I Was 20."  Well, I'm 23, so I'm not that far off, but it was still some great advice. I'm going to let you all know now that I won't be posting again until Tuesday.  Friday is a half day at work, and then that afternoon/evening, the boyfriend and I will be heading down to Tombstone, AZ to do some reenacting, namely The Gunfight at the OK Corral.  This is my first reenacting escapade...we'll see if more follow.  I hope you all have a fun and safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend!

Inspiration Thursday: Numbers and Work

Wow!  I got a notification last night that my views were a lot higher than normal.  That just made me want to blog more and get something out!  The numbers themselves are inspiring.  I did notice Merlin getting a lot of attention.  He's usually one of the first things I show people when I'm talking about my art. MHaerle027

Merlin alone is an inspiration to me...because I want to continue making felted taxidermy.  It's a process though, as is anything anymore.  My felting supplies and taxidermy forms are in my storage unit from when I moved...and they're high up...and there's a million things in front of the tower of boxes that I need to get to.  See, I had a plan to only put boxes I needed access to on a certain side of the unit so that I could get to them if I needed something out of them.  They were either clearly labeled or the boxes were clear so I could see exactly what is inside.  And then when it came down to the deadline of when I needed to be out of the apartment, everything just kind of got thrown in.  Whoops.  But it's even more incentive for me to find a job in San Diego and a new apartment/house and to move.  Job, move, Megan can get to her boxes, Megan can make more felted taxidermy.

Speaking of jobs, I'm working another temp job for 12 weeks.  I started last week, and it's going well, but I don't understand how people do this. Call me lazy (and/or negative), but all I want to do is sleep at this point.  I don't know how some people work 40+ hours and then maintain a social life post work.  I can understand being able to do it if it was a job you absolutely loved.  I can totally see myself working in the studio for over 40 hours a week (what is it, "Choose a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life"? Yeah, that one).  But right now, if I try to go do anything with Dylan after work, I usually end up passing out before I can get through one episode of whatever TV show we've chosen to watch.  I'm hoping that at some point I can catch up a little.  The nice thing is that I have been able to knit a little during the downtime.  Usually I'm pretty busy with phone calls and social media updates, but sometimes I can squeeze in a couple rows.  I should make it a personal requirement if I'm expected to work.  "Hi, sorry, I have to do this, it's for my therapy so I don't kill anyone today."  Coffee and knitting: My two things to get me through the day without killing anyone.

Speaking of working and doing what you love, I found this article last week titled 8 Things People of Our Generation Don't Understand (and Really Need To) About the Working World. Check it out; 8 is my favorite and kind of reiterates what I said above.

I wish I had been able to write and post something yesterday.  I think maybe this weekend I need to do a knitting round up so I have some progress things to show you next Wednesday.

Inspiration Thursday: Links!

I'm not quite just what to write about today.  It's been a busy week already.  I had my first temp job yesterday, and though I was only sitting and answering phones, I  was EXHAUSTED by the end of the day.  How do people to that 5 days a week?  Anyway, let me see if I have anything saved around the interwebs to share with you today... I saw some photos of sculptures done by Beth Cavener Stitcher.  She is one of my favorite artists.

I thought this was kinda cool.  I didn't know that this taxidermy diorama existed at KU.  I'm always going to love favorite museum is the International Wildlife Museum near Tucson.

Squid ring.  I want one in silver, please!

Alright, well, I hope you enjoy those little snippets.  More tomorrow, hopefully!

Inspiration Thursday: Two Inspiring Knitters

As I was browsing blogs I frequent yesterday, I came across Ysolda Teague's post on Stephen West.  I follow them both on Instagram and knew that they had been knitting together a few weeks ago.  (I maybe fangirled a little, due to them both being a couple of my favorite knitters and designers.)  Anyway, Ysolda posted a video of how Stephen knits.  It blew my mind. [vimeo 90128642 w=500 h=281]

(Video belongs to Ysolda Teague.)

Just seeing how FAST he knits is an inspiration!  If I could do that, think of how many things I'd make!

Stephen West also just brings a smile to my face.  Enjoy this video about making Pom Poms!


(Video belongs to Stephen West.)

See more of Ysolda Teague's patterns here, and Stephen West's patterns here.

Inspiration Thursday: Featuring Cornflower Blue Studio

For this week's Inspiration Thursday, I wanted to share an artist that I admire quite a bit: Rachel of Cornflower Blue Studio and Flower Moon. 6886648767_91b2f7036d

Fiber Arts

I absolutely love her freeform crochet pieces.  Many of them remind me so much of the ocean and ocean life...of course I'd be drawn to her work!


Modern Fiber Art Sculpture :: Coral Sea

Please go visit Rachel's blogs Cornflower Blue Studio and Flower Moon for more inspiring photography of her work.

(All images in this post belong to Rachel and are from her Flickr)

Inspiration Thursday

So, how else am I suppose to start this first Inspiration Thursday without a picture of the ocean?!  Commence obligatory ocean image. tumblr_mnf8ycgBb81rub0hvo1_500

( via

A quote I need to remember....



And, a pretty painting.



I plan to make this more organized in the future with more links and images...probably more like a "stuff you guys might like" post with more fibery things and whatnot.  I'm sure it'll evolve.  But thanks for checking it out this week!

See you all tomorrow for Casual Friday!