Writing Prompt: The Music in my Head

Music is everywhere.  It's playing in restaurants, stores, in the car...almost everywhere we go there is music.  Even while observing people on campus one notices that most have earbuds in or headphones on, music piping into their heads.  What are they blocking out?   I used to do that as a teenager.  I'd want to block out people talking in the car, my brother yapping on and annoying me, or just for some noise to get me through whatever was going on.  But now, I haven't really listened to music unless I'm working in the studio (even then, it's usually podcasts) or if I'm in the car.  Part of me does wish I listened to music more, but the other part of me wants to be alert to everything going on around me, who is talking to me when, nature sounds and the like.  (Honestly, part of it is that my music library is somewhat unorganized and when I have the chance I would like to organize it better so that I can listen to music without skipping songs so much.) I had the motivation to begin writing this post as I was on Skype with my (boy)friend and he was listening to music as he was writing a paper.  He was listening to The Follow Through by Blue October off of their new album, Any Man in America.  Now, Blue October is one of my most favorite bands (I saw them twice this past year alone).  Maybe it's because their songs evoke certain emotions in me.  After all, I've turned to their music through relationships, heartaches, depression, happiness...you name it.  It lead me to think about how art can do the same thing.  It can make you uncomfortable, comforted, happy, sad, etc.  Music is art in its own right, of course.  As I'm thinking about all this in my writing, how interesting would it be to take a band, their albums, and make art based off of the music.  I know people do it all the time for drawings and paintings...but what about Fiber Art?

With that thought, I'll leave you with a bit of Blue October.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZKZqgeES9A]