Do What You Love Follow Up

Because I don't have much to show you project-wise, I'd like to address some other topics regarding progress.  In last Thursday's post, I was throwing out the "Do what you love" line and discussing that a bit. I had totally forgotten some wise words from one of my favorite authors and artist, Austin Kleon.  (Seriously, I need to just carry his books around with me everywhere so when I'm feeling off track I can just read something out of it and - BOOM - back on track.) In this particular post, Kleon answers a question from someone regarding keeping your day job, even if it's not what you want to be doing.  He also addressed it today during his Office Hours.  While I based my college career off of "Do what you love" I totally understand his point about it not being able to pay the bills.  And I understand it's pretty cliche nowadays.

I get that if everyone did what they loved, not much would get done depending on what it is so-and-so loved...I know people who love numbers and business who do it all the time.  And they're lucky.  That's something the world needs all the time, business people and accountants and whathaveyou.

BUT!  I do think the world needs Fibers.  Obviously we wear them every day.  But that's a job for fashion designers...right?  I'm more art based...but wouldn't you like to have a unique piece of art in your home?  That's the real struggle for me.  What if there isn't a demand for art like mine?  Wouldn't I be right back to doing something for the money instead of for the love of it?  I'd also like to teach workshops someday, spreading my love of Fibers.

For now, I'm job hunting with keywords that would possibly satisfy my need to work in an environment working with fibers.  I had a perfect one that I applied to, followed up and followed up, and was finally told that the position was filled.  I was disappointed because I felt that I was perfect for the position.  Back to the drawing board.

I think I meant for this post to go somewhere else, but this is where I'll be leaving it for now.  Basically, I really want to keep doing what I love and figure out how I can survive by doing it.