Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Happy Independence Day!

LIFE updates! Usually I post something in May every year about my progressions, however this year it came and went without any acknowledgment. Lately, I’ve been having some mental health issues which in turn makes it very difficult for me to find the motivation to get up and make any sort of art. I’ve probably been feeling this way for a few years and it’s just now escalating to the point where it has become a major issue. Exhaustion isn’t good. I have recently discovered the cause of my depressions and anxieties and will be changing it very soon. I can’t announce it just yet, but I’m so looking forward to the change. I haven’t been this ecstatic over something in a very long time.

I feel like since I’ve graduated I’ve discovered more of what I don’t want to do than what I DO want to do. I’m still trying to strive to live by “do what you love,” however, I’m realizing that having the FREEDOM to do what I love is almost as important if not more important. And staying in a position that strangles my ability to do that is wrong. Why should I sacrifice my life and well being to something that diminishes me on the inside and does not allow me to grow? I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching recently, and a lot of discovering what I don’t want to be doing.

Changes are scary. But doesn’t that mean that we’re growing? If I wasn’t scared, it would be too easy. Not that I don’t want things to be easy (I’d much rather live without conflict, but I have been recently and have been miserable), but I think it will be a good challenge. I am PURSUING HAPPINESS. My heart feels so full to be discovering where I belong.

All that being said, watch this space for more updates and probably some more art! I’ve been working on a few ideas and am pretty excited to share them.


The Annual Introspective

May 9 marks the day of my undergrad graduation. It is also the day my cat, Stella Rose, adopted me.

I've been sitting on this post since last May. It's always a month where I tend to evaluate myself and my progress due to the anniversary of my graduation. I remember getting to my car after the ceremony had ended, and pictures had been taken. I took off my gown and my cap and sat in the car and....cried. I think I became overwhelmed with the fact that I had no plans post-college. During the ceremony, I was looking around at everyone who had decorated their caps with inspirational messages about how they're moving up in the world and I had no big adventure. I just had my apartment, and my knitting, and whatever knowledge I had from my art classes. I knew I wanted to go to San Diego and make art there, but nothing else. How would my adventure from the summer before (Internship) ever measure up to whatever 2013 was supposed to be?

And then Stella landed in my lap. She crawled out of the bushes at my parents' house during the graduation party, sat in my lap, followed me around, and I decided I needed to take her home. She was probably going to become coyote food if I didn't. So then, I had something to take care of and to keep me busy and give me companionship...but maybe she really adopted ME so SHE could have someone to take care of.

Lots of things have happened since the last time I wrote a blog. Mostly schedule and job changes. I'm now back working solely in San Diego with two jobs. One keeps me busy most of the month and the other is my old internship! Now, who could have told me 4 years ago while I was sitting in my car crying that I would be back at one of the very places that brought me such joy? Also, I think I wrote in a blog post once that I wanted a job where I could spend all day in a yarn shop...and here I am (two days out of the week, at least). Funny how the universe works like that.

Since working at the shop again I have been telling customers about my story - about how it was my internship in 2012 (5 YEARS AGO - GET OVER IT MEGAN) and it was my dream summer. One of them threw me off guard when I had recited my tale...she asked: "What's next?"

What is next? I'm in San Diego. I'm working at the place that brought me so much happiness 5 years ago. What do I do now? Where do I go from here? Are these questions I should be asking myself??? Am I thinking too hard about it??? Do I have to have a "what's next?"

Well, of course not. I could sit here happy as a clam. Sometimes I feel like I'm always looking too far forward and not enjoying the moment. I do know that I need to get back to making art.  I'm still (STILL) working on the damned felted deer (does anyone want to take bets on if I'm going to finish it or not this year?). It seems that after one of my friends bought my mini felted creatures that I just stopped doing any art. I do make little watercolor studies sometimes, but a lot of the time I long for a studio and that halts my progress. I know that these things take time, but I also need to work hard for it.

I found a little bit of inspiration as I was going through my notes for blog posts. I don't remember him saying it, but I wrote about Dylan telling me three things: 1) Stay positive, 2) Keep moving forward and 3) Tell everyone your dreams.

I'm staying as positive as I can. I'm exhausted from my other job at the moment, but still happy (I really need a vacation, though). I'm doing my best to keep moving forward. And as for my dreams? I'm having a hard time thinking of what that is at the moment. I'm sure it will come to me though.

What are some milestone dates in your life that you use to evaluate yourself? Where have you been and where are you going?

3rd Annual San Diego Yarn Crawl

It's finally here! Today kicks off the 3rd annual San Diego Yarn Crawl! I had such a good time last year, running around to the different shops and expanding my stash. This year, however, I'm staying put in my Local Yarn Store. I'm going to be volunteering at South Park Dry Goods (formerly The Grove at Juniper and 30th where I interned 3 years ago) on Saturday and Sunday. 

There's a crispness in the air today that tells me Fall is finally creeping around the corner. It's been so hot here lately that putting wool into one's hands has been trying. Luckily I'm working on a laceweight project, Oceanspray, in Zen Yarn Garden's California Love. I'm almost finished with it, but with no plans for the next project. I have some pattern and yarn pairings ready to go, so I'll probably just grab something out of there, or cast on more socks. We shall see!

If you're going on the Crawl this weekend, be safe, have fun, and come by South Park Dry Goods and see us!

What I Am and What I Do

You know how they say dress for the job you want, not the job you have? I think the same goes for telling people what you do. It's an infamous and boring question, "What do you do?" I read somewhere that a better question to ask is "What are you working on?" I like that question much better, especially from an artist standpoint. It opens up the conversation to more than just what the person does to pay the rent.

What triggered this post in my mind is an experience I had about a month ago. Some friends and I go to a local bar on Thursday evenings to play Trivia. This particular week we were short a few people in our group, so my friend invited some friends and relatives. Well, one was talking about his job, and I asked what he did for work. He told me, and then asked the same question in return. I felt my face fall, my body slump, and as I was about to say, "Oh, I'm a receptionist..." my friend chimed in and said, "She knits and crochets!" 

I knit and crochet. I sew and embroider. I weave, dye, screen print, and felt. I'm an artist. I'm a Fiber Artist. 

That could not be a better response.  So often have I explained my woes to people who are just looking for the short answer. "What do you do?" "You mean what's my day job? Or what do I really want to do?" It's so much easier to just say, "I'm a Fiber Artist." Just thinking about that response now even makes me feel better. If I don't believe that I'm an artist, I'll never actually BE an artist. It's all mind games. Actually, in her book Art, Inc., Lisa Congdon discusses this in the first chapter. The more you believe something something about yourself, the more it comes true. 

So, from now on, if anyone asks me what I do for work, or what my job is, I'm planning on just saying that I'm a Fiber Artist, because that's what I am and that's what I do.

What are you working on?

June 2015 Goals

And....we're back for a moment.  Which is just long enough for me to revise and revamp my life goals. So, what do I have planned?

-In the next 3 months (Now-August)

  1. Make Art Schedule 
  2. Finish Taxidermy Deer
  3. Get back to blogging regularly
  4. Go to the beach more
  5. Work on collaboration project with Damian
  6. Read daily

-In the next 6 months (Now-December)

  1. Put out a call that I'm available for Test Knitting
  2. Continue with Taxidermy Animals
  3. Build small loom
  4. Test new materials
  5. Make mini Taxidermy forms
  6. Draw/Paint more

I'd like to make a separate list of projects I have that wait in the wings, but I think I ought to take everything one step at a time. As stated in the 3-month goals, I'd like to get back to blogging more regularly.  

I must be honest, too. I have been stuck in a rut with a great many things. Maybe it's a bit of depression, maybe it's just a little bit of anxiety. Hell, maybe it's Mercury in Retrograde. Whatever it is, I've been having a difficult time with trying to get ideas off the ground, and even difficulty pushing myself to do things that would make me happier. But hopefully, soon, I can move past it all and gather enough strength and mind to get something moving. I can only read so many books and articles. At some point, you just have to get up and do it, right?


During the next few weeks I may have to be on a more sporadic blogging schedule...or just blogging whenever I feel like it.   I'm afraid to jinx it, but I'm coming upon a couple of my first two goals for this year: 1. Finding an apartment/house and 2. Moving.  We've been looking for a place, and we think we've found one (fingers crossed, praying so hard, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this be it!).  So, that means going back to Arizona, packing up everything and bringing it out here...if we get the place (PLEEEEAAASSSEEE)...and with my work schedule, I'm not exactly sure how that's going to happen.  I know it will, but it's not going to be that easy. But, I'm putting the cart before the horse. Again.

I'm really excited at the idea of the possibility of being able to have a studio space (FINALLY!) in the house.  There's so many plans and ideas I'd love to bring to light, I just didn't have the space in which to do it.  

So, bear with me, dear readers, while I embark on another adventure in my life...wish me luck, send your good thoughts and energy, and hopefully we'll be back to a normal, productive, art filled schedule soon!

Smiling on Christmas Eve

Due to the nature of the beast of the temp job I'm working, I'm at work on the morning of Christmas Eve.  It's quiet in the office, and I can snag a few minutes to myself before everyone returns and the world wakes, and I'm bombarded with phone calls from mothers with questions about Santa Claus. (Check out this Instagram Feed of the Santa Claus Office in Finland!)

I was browsing my blog feed (I use Feedly, by the way), and I kept finding things that made me smile, or really wowed me.  I'd like to share some of them with you in hopes they also make you smile.

First off was this article and video about artist Bruce Riley.  Just the sheer organic nature of his paintings floored me.  His work is so simple and yet so complex.  I hope I am able to wow someone with my work someday.

Next was this goofy post about taking Christmas photos with dogs from A Beautiful Mess.  Just something about the cheesy photo they were going for made me giggle, as well as the description of an expression the pug was making, "Jabba the Hutt."

And then there was this photo collection from Shutterbean.  I love her Everyday Day Life posts.  They just make me happy.  What really made me smile was her excitement over an egg yolk spilling over the side of a sandwich, with the caption, "YES YES YES."  What made me smile even more was another picture a little further down in the post of yet another egg yolk with the caption, "YAAAAAAAAAS."  I think it was her enthusiasm for those little things that made me so happy. 

I hope these posts made you smile like they did for me.  What are some of your favorite blog posts that have made you smile?

I also hope that you have a warm and safe holiday.   I plan to get back to a regular blogging schedule after the new year, new job permitting.  

Merry Christmas!

Playing the Waiting Game

Some day I will get back into a routine with blogging.  Life just kind of gets in the way sometimes.  I wish it didn't have to, but I suppose if you're working toward a goal, it has to.

I was sitting down with my uncle last week and we were discussing my jobs, job hunting, interviews, and what is it that I really want to do.  He was trying to understand how I can make a living through Fibers.  The truth is that I can't right now.  I have to work for it.  

I know I can't just start up a studio right now because I don't have the money nor the knowledge on how to do something like that.  Sure, I can set something up, but I can't really pay for it, or sustain it.  There's money that goes into rent and supplies and whatnot, and what if I don't sell what I'm making?

My parents directed me to an article about an Etsy seller after commenting that maybe I should do that on the side. The ironic thing is that the article is called Secrets of the Richest Seller on Etsy and yet, no secrets are actually disclosed.  Even at the end of the article it says something about doing the research to be successful on Etsy.  Guess what?  No links or resources to assist in doing said research.  I think it's a poor article to be sure, considering no other information was given other than linking to the person's shop and website a bunch of times.  At least I have the mind to link to things when I talk about them so you, dear reader, don't have to go off searching the web for whatever it was I was talking about.

Anyway, stepping off my soap box.

I'm awaiting an answer from a job this morning.  If I get it, I'm starting on January 5th!  If I don't, then it's back to the drawing board.  It's a funny feeling to be standing at one of the many crossroads of life.  I'm so nervous.  I've had two interviews with the company already this past month, and I wasn't so nervous for those, which is good.  

EDIT: I have been accepted for the position!  Guess who is moving to San Diego?!

Testing a New Website

Testing a New Website

Stephen West Knit-a-Long: Exploration Station!

Stephen West Knit-a-Long: Exploration Station!


I know it's been a while.  I've been traveling back and forth from San Diego trying to figure my life out, as you do.  In the process, I've decided I needed a little more professional feel for my website and blog.  As I continue to work on the website, I hope to continue blogging and update you with any new happenings in my life as an artist.  As the new year starts, I plan to disable my Wordpress site and solely focus all my energy here and my Facebook page.  I'm not sure if the schedule will remain the same or if I will just use it as a skeleton as I have been doing.  Please be patient with me while I figure it all out!

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Vacation Time!

MHaerle011 Hey everyone, I have a job interview in San Diego this Friday. In addition, I might be also meeting with a recruiter there in the next week. Any prayers, good thoughts/energy, whathaveyou for these and other job opportunities and housing/apartment hunting you could send my way would be fantastic.

Thank you to all the people who have supported and encouraged me to follow through with my dream goal! It's finally almost becoming a reality...

While I'm there, I'll be taking a little hiatus from the blog.  It is a working trip, but I hope to have a little downtime while I'm there.  See you when I get back!

Summertime Update

So, I started this post about two weeks ago.  I suppose I ought to finish it.  I apologize that my hiatus has gone on longer than I anticipated!  I had my Alaskan Cruise in May, was home for a week, then I was off to Boston with my boyfriend's parents to go meet up with the boyfriend there.  After I came home from Boston, I had about two weeks to move out of my apartment.  Moving has always been stressful for me, as I imagine it is for anyone.  But I made it and am now living at my aunt and uncle's in their spare room while I work temp jobs.  Onto the next step: job hunting in San Diego. The cruise was amazing.  I had plenty of time to relax and knit, all the while seeing amazing places.  I even was able to stop into a couple of yarn shops!  One was in Skagway, called Changing Threads.  I bought my souvenir skein here.  The yarn is Raven Frog Elegante, the content is 50/50 Merino and Silk, and the colorway is called Totem Spirit.  I thought that was very fitting due to purchasing it in Alaska.  There was a wonderful lady in the shop who fawned over my Lonely Tree shawl and Hello Sailor handwarmers I was wearing that day.  Together we excitedly discussed fibers and knitting.  She even let me hold some Qiviut fiber!  SO SOFT AND WARM AND LIGHT AND UGHHHH.  I want some.  I don't know what I'd do with it, other than just probably pet it.  I digress.  I should have given them my card, because I asked for the lady's name, but now I've forgotten.  So, if anyone knows the names of the lovely employees of Changing Threads in Skagway, Alaska, please let me know so I can remember who it was who was that assisted me in the shop!

I also visited Seaside Yarns in Juneau.  I saw it when we drove by on the way to the excursion we went on there, so obviously I had to go back afterward to check it out.  I purchased a small project bag there to keep the needlepoint project I had on the ship.

Photo Jul 20, 10 35 37 AM

I also went next door to Changing Tides Needleart.  I wish we had all of their fabrics in Arizona!  Walking in there really made me miss sewing.

In Vancouver, there were a couple of shops on Granville Island that sold Fiber Art related things.  One was called Maiwa and it had so many dyes and yarn and fabric.  I also saw the Silk Weaving Studio there.

Photo Jul 20, 10 35 42 AM

While I'm not too excited by weaving, it was great to see all the looms and know exactly what was happening, and to not be wondering  just how they work.

Photo Jul 20, 10 38 13 AM

I had a funny thing happen to me on the second day of the cruise.  I was sitting up in the lounge knitting, watching the scenery go by, when I heard someone come up behind me and say, "I cannot tell you how good it is to see you knitting!" (Or something along those lines.)  It was Paul and Carol Mulvey of Black Sheep Wools! It was so great meeting them and being able to talk with them a little bit.

I wasn't able to do much knitting in Boston with all the sight seeing and visiting the boyfriend on the ship.

Photo Jul 20, 10 37 55 AM

Photo Jul 20, 10 38 06 AM

I was able to go see Quilts and Color exhibition, The Pilgrim/Roy Collection, at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.  While I'm not a quilter, it was so great to see these pieces of functional art up close.

Photo Jul 20, 10 38 00 AM

Photo Jul 20, 10 35 55 AM

Anyway, I better stop with my updates there.  Until I have a chance to write again, and it should be soon since I just finished another shawl last week, I hope you're having a great summer full of crafting and making.


Hello! I wanted to make a post regarding the month of May.  During this month, I'll be off adventuring in Alaska.  Since I'll have limited access to internet, I figured the best route would be to just take a little break from the blog.  Once I get back, I'm sure I'll have lots of things to tell you about and to show you.

After I get back, I'll be moving.  So, my posting might be a little limited, but I will do my best to keep you lovely people updated on the goings on of my little fiber world.

Until then...

Quote of the Day Tuesday

"Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day." --A.A. Milne

More on patience.  My dream goal will happen some day.  As long as I work hard at it, it seems.  I feel really confident, even if it takes some time, that it will happen before the end of the year.  And if it doesn't, well, then there's always next year.

I get nervous, though, too, especially when I'm talking to people about my dream goal and I hear a hint of doubt in their voice.  However, that just makes me want to sell the idea to them even more.  I want to prove to everyone, whether I have to or not, that this is really what I want, and what is best for me to help me grow into a better and more independent person.

I've gotten over the nervousness of being rejected.  I don't have time to be disappointed.  I only have time to be determined and push on with force, but again, being patient.

I'll get to San Diego someday, even if I wanted to be there yesterday.  It WILL happen with perseverance.

Switching It Up

Have you noticed new things on the blog lately?  I got some miraculous motivation to work on some documents for a professional packet that needed to be uploaded that I had had on my previous blog.  Finally! They should be all up to date and available for you to see. I also put up some art pictures!  Please go look and enjoy!

I've been meaning to write another post for a while.  I also have been meaning to switch up my schedule.  I know I keep saying both of these things, but it will eventually happen, I promise!  More on that when I figure out exactly what I'm doing on here again.

I don't feel as monotonous as I have lately.  I've been trying to clean and organize.  The possibility and reality of moving out of my apartment is looming over my head.  My emotions are like a roller-coaster.  One day I'm okay and everything is feeling fine.  The next, I'm so paralyzed by stress, I lay in bed looking at the ceiling as the tears drip from the outer corners of my eyes.  Today I've been diffusing essential oils and that seems to be helping with my energy levels and motivation.  I always feel like doing things when I use the Citrus Fresh oil from Young Living.  I mixed it with lavender, and now my living room smells amazing.

ANYWAY.  What's new?

I took a trip to Hawaii in February with my boyfriend and his parents.  It was much needed (though I feel like I need another vacation from my life with all this stress happening upon me).

Photo Feb 10, 9 14 57 PM

I didn't get as much vacation knitting done as I thought I might, but it was REALLY nice to just be able to calm my mind and relax.  It's been 10 years since I had been on any of the Hawaiian Islands.  We were on the Big Island which I had never been to before.  It was gorgeous.  We could see the whales from our resort and went out on a catamaran to see them closer.  It was amazing.

Photo Feb 14, 12 53 13 PM Photo Feb 14, 11 56 14 AM

I finished my Embrace Sweater.  It's huge on me, but comfy, and I'm happy with it.  It'll probably be one of those items of clothing that I'll want to pull on when it's chilly out, and I'm just curled up on the couch.

Photo Mar 19, 11 21 53 PM

I also made a headscarf out of the silk yarn the boyfriend brought back from Stockholm last year.  Two day project and I'm satisfied by making another thing.  The boyfriend and I went to San Diego before he left for the Caribbean (more about that in a second) and I got some buttons from The Grove to put on the headscarf.

Photo Mar 20, 6 48 53 PM

Also in San Diego, I got one of the chairs from The Grove.  Stella has taken a liking to it.

Photo Mar 19, 11 56 43 PM

I ordered two taxidermy deer head forms to begin progress on my felted creatures.

Look at it's cute, derpy smile!

I dyed wool and began seriously working on the project after I finished my sweater.  I feel like since that sweater is done I am able to focus more on other things.  Everyone who I talk to about the felted animals seems to be eager to have one.  I really hope that they come to be something I can produce and sell this time around.  I think it'll also help that they're to be put up on the wall instead of sitting on a pedestal.  Even I have an aversion to sculptures that collect dust.  The boyfriend and I found some mounted antlers at the antique mall for me to use as reference for the antlers I'm going to make to put on the deer forms.  Not quite sure how I'm going to do this yet, but I'll figure it out when the time comes.

Photo Mar 06, 6 26 43 PM

I FINALLY finished my Doctor Who shawl last night, and started on a hat for a friend of the boyfriend's.  Not much else is planned as far as knitting goes.  I've kind of, sort of, given up buying yarn for Lent.  I know, I know, how am I surviving?  But I think it'll be good, both for my budget and my yarn stash.  That way I can start on those projects I had planned for last summer that already have patterns and yarn assigned to them.

Doo wee doo!!

So, back to the boyfriend being in the Caribbean.  I had about two weeks notice to him leaving for the summer (I wasn't pleased with this at all).  He's working on another ship.  But, even though he's away, I know he's doing something that he's always wanted to do, so I'm being as supportive as I can.  Doesn't mean I don't miss him any less.  He's only been gone a week, and it feels like forever to me.  I think that might be part of my stress...I'm so used to spending so much time with him, that when he's not here, I have this huge gap in my day.  I don't really have him as an outlet to discuss what I'm stressing over because I'm not able to talk to him much, but he was able to call me last night, and it really lifted my spirits.

Photo Mar 13, 2 28 48 PM

Anyway, hopefully that covered everything.  I'm going to try to take it easy and knit some more.  Until next time, or until I figure out a better blogging schedule...

In Regard to Yesterday's Quote

Yesterday's quote really hit home for me this week.  In the past couple weeks I haven't been feeling 100% about myself.  I think I was either working too hard, or my body was trying to get me sick, or my hormones were going crazy...but all in all, I was beginning to lose all hope about things that were important to me.  Namely, I was losing hope about my San Diego dream. Ever since maybe Sophomore or Junior year of college, I had this dream that I wanted to move to San Diego, have my studio by the ocean, make art and give small workshops for adults on Fiber Art.  Or maybe not by the ocean, but close to it.  The closest I've ever felt to achieving this dream was when I was doing my internship during Summer 2012.  But in the last couple weeks, I felt as if everything was slipping.  I don't feel as if the connections I have there are strong enough to achieve anything.  I feel like bridges are being burned.  I'm not sure I could afford being there.  And the jobs I'd want, no one is hiring for or they can't afford to have me.  I know this is all negative thinking.  I feel stuck.  I just always thought that I might be in San Diego by now.  Maybe that's naive of me.  I've talked it over with various people and a lot of them have been saying that I don't need those connections.  The connections I had before don't matter right now, all that matters is that I go out there and try to achieve my dream.  Which I understand, but San Diego holds a lot of memory for me, good and bad.  Do I really want to be in that environment?

And then I found the quote for yesterday:

“Do not lose hold of your dreams or aspirations. For if you do, you may still exist but you have ceased to live.” – Henry David Thoreau

Exactly.  If I don't have San Diego, then what do I have?  Routine.  Monotonous routine.  I've seen myself start to fall into that.  I've created a chore list for myself that I try to repeat every week, and that's all I've been getting done.  At least the house is somewhat clean, but it's not really.  I have my knitting projects, and sometimes I sit down to read, but every weekend I'm off to work and I feel like that ruins my creative motivation.  I've considered looking for a new job, but it'd have to be here for a little while.  I feel like I'm holding myself back.  I try to take steps to get myself to my dream, but it's those steps that are stopping me.  Maybe I should just get up and go?  Just pack everything up, take Stella, and go?  There's a couple of Knitwear Designer jobs in Irvine which isn't too far from San Diego.  Maybe I should apply for them and see?  But I also am looking forward to moving into a house with Damian and Arlyn this summer.  I just don't know.  Timing is never right.

But again, going back to that quote, I need to keep my dream in mind, or else I don't have anything else to strive for right now.  So, that's my motivation for today.  Other motivation is to organize sewing patterns, clean and organize papers in the car, and work more on my Embrace Sweater I started last week.  Hooray!

Progress Interrupted

I won't be getting a Project Progress Wednesday out today.  And I think I have a pretty good excuse, too.  I got a flat tire on the 101 this afternoon... I was driving home from a lovely lunch with my boyfriend's parents.  I was two and a half exits away from home...when I heard the dreaded sound.  FLUB FLUB FLUB FLUB FLUB FLUB....  I've never had a flat since I learned how to drive.  This was a brand new experience for me.  I called up my Dad because my AAA card was in my other wallet (I'm moving it to this one now) and then called AAA.  They said that they'd be out in about 30 minutes.  I was pulled over far enough on the 101 that I wasn't in too dangerous of a spot.  I kept the car on with the AC running until someone came to my rescue.

Not too long after I called, a truck pulled up behind me and a cop came out of the truck.  He asked if I was alright and if I had help on the way.  I said that I did.  He asked if I would like a bottle of water and I said that I'd love one.  We are in Arizona during the summer after all.  So he went back to the truck, got an ice cold bottle of water for me and came back.  I thanked him for the water and for checking on me and he went on his way.

So, AAA finally came and he said I could stay in my car while he switched the tire.  Den called and asked if she could come over, and I said, yes, once I got home...and I explained my situation.  The AAA guy was done in a flash and I was able to get home.  I took a moment to breathe for a bit and then Den and I were off to Discount Tire.  Well, they didn't have the tires I have on my car...and it turned out that my tires are on national we had to just put a similar one on.  Thankfully, I was under a warranty where the tire that my flat was being replaced with was free.  So at least I had that going for me!

So, from 2pm till 4:30pm, I was on the adventure of experiencing a flat tire, getting the tire changed, and replacing the flat.  I think that's a good enough excuse for not having a blog post ready to write for you.  Don't worry, though, I'll have one next week with the project I'm working on!

See you tomorrow for Inspiration Thursday!