Sick Days

It can be rough for an artist to get sick. Monday I had a stomach bug, and Tuesday I developed a sore throat (however that may be the result of the dust and roofing at work). So, here we are on Wednesday, and not much progress happened in the past week. Unless we’re talking about my socks.

When I’m sick, I have a couple of rules: If I’m throwing up, I’m not going and if I have a fever, I’m not going. However, a sore throat, cough, or a runny nose doesn’t usually stop me from doing what I need to do. Sometimes that doesn’t include art, though. I was able to do a painting last night, so it’s something. I just need to get back to felting. Soon enough. New ideas are coming.

Thinking about being sick made me think of this post from 2013 about me being sick.

Until next week, hopefully, full of fewer sickies and more artsies.