It's the Little Things that Inspire You

I'm sitting here at work this morning, coffee in hand, thinking about last weekend.  I'm going through Facebook posts on the health benefits of knitting.  I'm looking at pictures of gorgeous hand-dyed yarns, and also looking through a book of gardens, most of which are California gardens.  And you know what? It's kind of hard not to tear up.  Why do I feel so emotional over this hobby of mine? Is it just a hobby? I know I'd love for it to be my career path. Why am I so emotional over wanting to move? I know it's probably because it's been my dream goal for at least three years.  Also, I'm itching to move...maybe it's a job hunting day. I'm looking up articles on how to start designing knitting patterns.  What sort of inspiration can I find to invoke a design? What sort of shapes can I make? What colors should I use?

Today is just one of those days where you feel like everything is going right.  I feel productive at work, doing work things, not just feeling like I'm slacking off working on my own things (not that that's a problem, but, you know, I ought to be working while I'm at work). I hope this continues on through the weekend.

What is inspiring you?  What is making you feel good?