Ramblings on a Friday Night

Be prepared for random thoughts. It's late on this Friday.  I don't have my normal job tomorrow.  Part of me wonders what I'd do if I had a normal job and had a normal weekend.  Would I go out for breakfast?  I know I previously stated one of my future goals to be that I'd go to the beach Sunday mornings when I live in San Diego.  Why does life seem mediocre in places you already live?  Is it because you feel like you've explored every nook that you thought possible?

What makes making art at school any different than making art at home?  How has the importance changed?  Has society worn on me so much that I've lost the value of making art?  I feel like a weary creature forced to work at a job she dislikes.  Maybe it's because I haven't quite found the job that I do like... I was discussing with a friend this evening that if I could make money blogging, that would be amazing.  Or if I could make money making things while I sat here watching tv shows all day that I would be rich.  Alas, I haven't found those niches quite yet.  I just think I'd work so much better in a studio dedicated to art making, rather than in an office.  My one day of being a receptionist made me wonder what sort of lives people working in offices live...all I wanted to do when I came home was sleep.  How was I supposed to get anything done after spending all day in an office behind a desk?  Sure, I can do busy work, but just sitting there waiting for things to happen all day was boring to me.  I really hope I can get my taxidermy forms up and running.  I've been more motivated to work on my deer.  If I could make money doing that, I'd be set...maybe...hopefully.  Yes?  Everyone says they'd totally buy one...but would they really when they found out how much I'll have to end up charging for my time spent?  I'd totally do little ones with those animal figurines...maybe... That's actually a good idea...I have plans for this now.

I've been thinking about drawing and watercolor painting a lot lately...I ought to do something with those soon.

Anyway...those were just some thoughts I had and needed to get them off my chest tonight.  I hope you have a good weekend, and I'll see you all next week.