How to be Productive when You're Sick

Hello world.  I lost another week due to being sick.  It's a shame, really, since I had already been sick once in the past month's time.  It came on last Monday and by Tuesday, I was miserable.  It was just a head cold/sinus thing, but even though I was confining myself to the apartment, I was still able to work on projects. I remained in my bed all morning last Tuesday before finally getting up.  I promptly made a nest on the couch with blankets, pillows, my laptop and my knitting.  I finished another Christmas hat, and settled in to start on one of my niece's slippers.  I managed to finish an entire slipper before the day was over while watching Casablanca, Play It Again, Sam, a few episodes of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and Once Upon a Time.  I'm rather impressed with myself because I've never really been able to complete one sock or slipper in a day's time.  However, because I was confining myself to one spot to try and recover with tea and medicines and rest, I was giving myself the creative environment to start and finish an entire piece.  The second slipper took a bit longer because I didn't have that force driving me to sit in one spot for as long as I did during my sick day.

So here's my productive sick day checklist.

1. Be sick (optional) I'm not sure why I got sick again.  I blame work due to being around so many people, namely children.  I constantly wash my hands at work, but you never know...someone might have coughed on me while I was putting an apron on them.  Ew.

2. Find a comfy spot I have developed a spot on the couch that I've designated as mine.  I can, of course, sit in other spots; I'm not Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory after all.  But the spot I've named as mine is ideal for knitting.  I have the side table to my right where I can set my patterns, notions, and coffee/tea (mostly coffee, but because I was sick, it was tea).  Also on the table I keep my OttLight and my essential oils diffuser.  The couch I have doesn't have armrests, so I usually place a pillow to my right to support my arm.  I also keep a pillow behind me (also designated as "Megan's Pillow" due to the fact that it has shamrocks on it) for extra back support.  Add a blanket, and the comfy spot/nest is complete.

Photo Nov 20, 1 22 29 PM

3. Gather Viewing Material and Supplies I always find it nice to be able to be watching or listening to something when I'm knitting.  It almost keeps me more focused and motivated to work on a project if I'm watching a movie or tv show or listening to a podcast.  For instance, my Aidez sweater was knitted almost completely when I was watching The Walking Dead with Damian and Arlyn.  On this particular sick day, I chose to watch Casablanca and Play It Again, Sam because I had not seen those movies before (if I had a dollar for every time someone asked if I've seen a certain movie and I say no, I'd be rich).  Due to the "new" nature of them to me, I was able to stay focused on both my project and the movies.  The same goes for watching tv shows I want to get caught up on, etc.

As for supplies, I tend to keep my knitting in my sitting area.  I have the stand up knitting bag that my Grandma gave me where I keep everything I could possibly need for my knitting projects.

4. Have Time I had absolutely nothing else to be doing on that particular day.  This made it super easy to just relax, rest, watch movies and tv shows, and knit.

So, there's the basic checklist on how to be productive when you're sick.  I hope it was at least entertaining if not useful.

I plan to write about Canal Convergence on Friday, so stay tuned for that!