Thinking About Halloween Already

So, it's almost the middle of September, and I've already started on my costume for Halloween. I mentioned it in a post last week.  Here's a sneak preview image. Photo Sep 11, 10 10 13 PM

I'm pretty proud of that pocket, let me just say.  I've started on the shirt portion of the costume, but I need to go back and redo a few things on it before I'm ready to show pictures.  I had to go back to Joann's twice to get piping and more of the duckcloth in white.  I also was able to get a blue tank top yesterday to go underneath the costume one.  And I got fabric paint for the back design.  Come to think of it, I should have gotten grey as well.  Damn.  Oh well, another trip back to the craft store for me, I guess.

I haven't been motivated to work on the embroidery project.  But here's a little something.

Photo Sep 11, 10 11 04 PM

I've started on the border, but I'm planning on making it more elaborate than just a line of embroidery.  We'll see.  It's sort of evolving on its own as I think about it.

I also said in my last post that I was finishing Amanda's Cowl.  Let me tell you, kitchener stitch is a bitch.  But I made it.  Here's a picture of the lovely bias.

Photo Sep 11, 10 12 26 PM

I've already started on her next project, too.  I'm loving the puzzle peices!  They're just so simple and I can knock them out one by one pretty quickly.

Photo Sep 11, 10 11 50 PM

Amanda usually leans towards chocolate browns...she must be having a green kick considering the last project I made for her, and this one!

The yarn for my sister's Christmas present arrived today.  I can't wait to get started on it.  She picked out the Lucy Hat in the same colors as pictured in that link.  I'm looking forward to getting started on it.

I think that's all I have for progress this week.  What are you working on right now?