Late Progress

Whoops. My Wednesday was sort of busy, and I did actually take pictures of the two knitting things I finished while I was blocking them...but I never got around to sitting down and writing a post.  Oops.  Sorry about that.

I finished the improv shawl I was working on and blocked it yesterday.

Photo Aug 21, 2 23 22 PM

And I also got around to blocking my Thinking of Waves shawl!

Stella is helping.  Clearly.

I keep talking about that embroidery project that I STILL haven't gotten around to touching.  I think about it here and there, and work on the reference pictures for it, but I just haven't found the motivation to actually sit down and work on it.  I've even thought of titles for it, but the motivation/inspiration just isn't there.  I hope it comes soon.

In other news, my sister requested that instead of those slippers she wanted me to make her, she wants her very own Lonely Tree Shawl!  I'm so excited to work on it, and started it two nights ago right after I was done with the shawl I made up.

I'll post an Inspiration Thursday here shortly!