Summer Knitting

So, while I get used to not really having anything to do this summer (besides working...more on that later), I figured I ought to get some knitting projects lined up. As you know because I talk about it so much, I finished my first sweater in a month's time. That wasn't the plan. I was supposed to be knitting on it all summer so that I'd be able to wear it once the sweltering heat of the Arizona sun became the cooler, more friendly Arizona winter sun. No such luck for this speedy knitter. Once I finished it, I bought more yarn to cast on the Lonely Tree Shawl. I had my eye on this shawl since seeing the pattern when I was working at Knit Happens.


Also while I was purchasing the Cotton Fleece I was planning on using for the shawl, I spied some Filigran in the Ocean colorway that I had my eye on for the past year (since working with it at The Grove and hearing about this beautiful colorway). Obviously, that had to come home with me as well.

Well, I finished the Lonely Tree Shawl in about a weeks time. You know, you would think I'd be more satisfied than frustrated that I can knit things up so fast. However, that just means I have to spend more money on more yarn to make more things.

Even before I had decided I was going to knit the previously mentioned shawl, I had decided I wanted to knit L.3. I had seen it at the Shibui Knits booth at the TNNA. How great would it be to wear it over a bandeau!? I ordered the yarn for it online and it came not too long after. I'm lucky that this project is taking longer, like my sweater.


So, what else do I have planned? Well, I decided I wanted to use up some of my stash this summer. My boyfriend, Dylan, brought back some yarn for me from his recent trip to Sweden. The yarn is from a shop called Sticka in Stockholm. How lucky am I to have a boyfriend who goes overseas and brings me back YARN! He quickly learned the way to my heart! One is handspun wool, and the other is SILK with sequins! Both in gorgeous blue tones.


For the wool, I plan to make a shawl called The Eye of Poseidon part II.


For the silk, I plan to make the Knotty Scarflet.

I'm WAY behind on Christmas gifts from last year. That seems to be one of the curses of being a promise people things, and they just sit there in their respective project bags. My issue was that my sister showed me a pattern called Moon Socks and said, "Christmas?" They looked easy enough. Honestly, I hated the pattern. I made one sock and never assembled it. It just sat...and sat...and sat. I promised my other sister the same pair of slipper socks, but of course because I didn't like the pattern, I never got around to casting on for hers. And as I started on my L.3 tanktop, I started feeling guilty...I had finished four projects for myself and two hats for other people since the beginning of the year, and the Christmas presents never got touched! So I decided to work on the slippers and the tanktop simultaneously. I decided to ditch the inital Moon Socks pattern and use one out of Ann Budd's book Getting Started Knitting Socks, but still including the cuff from Moon Socks. Right now, I'm just finishing the last cuff for the second slipper, and then I can assemble the slippers. After that, it's onto my other sister's pair and then I won't feel so guilty, six months later.


Also, I had promised my aunt and grandma each a Regina hat. The problem was, I didn't even have the yarn. I went out a couple weeks ago to get the yarn I had initially usedfor the previous Regina hats I had made for Knit Happens, but it seemed that the Madelinetosh yarn that I had been using wasn't in stock. I decided on the Berroco Vintage Worsted I had used to make the other two hats for friends. So once the socks come off the needles, the hats are going on.


So, what am I doing with the Ocean Filigran? Well, also last summer, I had seen that Susan had used Filigran to make The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief. Inspired, I wanted to make one of my own. So, I knew that when I got more Filigran, that is what itwas going to be used for.


A yarn that I have in my stash was purchased last October in Jerome when I took a spur of the moment day trip with my friends. It's just some fingering weight Araucania in a gorgeous greenish-blueish-tealish color. And after doing a search on Ravelry, I decided to make Glam Shells out of it.


I have a couple more projects up my sleeve, but I think that does it for this post. Also, I think some of these will hold me over for the entire summer. At least...I hope they will.

(All pictures are credited to me.)