Writing Prompt: On Being Brave

When I began this blog, I wrote out goals.  One of the goals was to get over the fear of my parents.  To be brave in front of them especially when I was talking about subjects I knew they disapproved of and not to cry and run away when I didn't get the answer I was looking for.  I may have said this before, but it was not recognizable to me that it was a fear until I had actually written that out. Look at me now.  I'm going to San Diego for the summer for an internship.  Though they don't show it very well, I know my parents are proud of me.  I was brave enough to move forward with something I knew I needed to do whether they liked it or not.  They might not need it, but I do.

I feel like another part of being brave is when you have to choose.  You're brave enough to let something go, or to suffer consequences.  I feel that pressure on me now as I write this because I've been working down to the wire on a couple of writing assignments.  Do I choose to turn one in not as up to par as I'd like it to be in order to work harder on another or some other project due at a later time?  Oh, finals.  I can be brave at take a grade hit...but should I?  Am I brave enough to admit that I did slack?  Am I?  Yup.

So, here goes.  Here's to whatever you need to be brave for.  Because you can do this.  It's hard, yes, but sometimes it's necessary.  Be it standing up to someone for what you feel is right, or admitting you're wrong, you can be brave.