Writing Prompt: Systems

In the last prompt, I touched on the fact that I cannot read unless all my work is done, but I don't feel like I can work well unless my room is clean.  I believe this is a type of system that keeps me going in life.  Another system I can think of that I have is my homework system. I have the program Things and I use it to make lists for each class.  At the beginning of the semester, I take the syllabi from each class and enter in all the due dates for assignments, readings, projects and critiques.  I have it set up so that  each assignment, etc. appears on my to do list as urgent three days before it is actually due.  If needed, I make duplicates of the task to let myself know I need to be working on it so-and-so far in advance.

Heh, um....so, yes, this is my Things right now.  I have a lot of reading to catch up on.  But here is a good example of what I mean by repeating tasks.  I put them there so I know I need to work on it every day until the day before the task is due. And then I can check it off for the day when I've done a significant amount.

You can also see off to the side how I'm using the Active Projects as my classes and then I can put each task into a designated class to categorize them.

But, yes.  That is my system to get things done.