Writing Prompt: I last read...

Reading is something that can be difficult for me.  Sometimes I'm really into it, others I'm not.  Don't get me wrong, I love books and to read.  I just have a difficult time doing it if I'm working on a lot of things.  Many of my friends read to wind down and escape.  I can't read unless I have nothing else to be working on.  It's easier for me to read for school than it is for pleasure.  I tried to overcome this by getting a Kindle.

At first, I was doing great.  I read the first two Hunger Games books on it (technically, those are the last things I read but because the movie just came out, I'd rather not discuss it all here, but I loved it).  I'm currently on the third, but very stuck.  I'm just not motivated to pick it up again.

I think I'm in need of a schedule change and instead of procrastinating, or aimlessly looking at things online, I ought to take the time to read for at least 30 minutes.

It's interesting...in order to function well, I need a clean space, and in order to read, I need all my work to be finished.