Writing Prompt: Games

This one is difficult.  Do I talk about my brother and how he brought video games into a family of three girls?  Do I talk about mind games played in school to try to get around a task?  Do I talk about the homeschool teen group I was involved in where we had a monthly game night?  Do I talk about how I crawled around on my hands and knees for a better part of my childhood because I liked to pretend I was an animal? I'm not much of a sports fan.  Never really have been.  I remember going over to friends houses and seeing them be excited about a certain team.  I'd then adopt that same excitement about the team, but then would drop it because I found no point in it later.  My Dad has always watched games on TV.  Oftentimes when I would walk into the room, he would shout, "FOOTBALL!" just to make me embarrassed.

My sport was bowling.  After trying tennis, horseback riding and even fencing, I decided that I liked bowling the best.  I have my own ball, shoes, special wrist brace...yeah.  I even worked at the bowling alley for a while.  I haven't bowled much since leaving for college, though.

Going back to watching sports, my family and I used to go to baseball games sort of frequently.  It wasn't much fun for me.  Luckily, I discovered knitting socks and when we'd go to the games, I'd bring along my sock knitting.  I did get a lot done during the game and everyone was happy.

This reminds me of Stich and Pitch, from where I sort of got the inspiration to take my knitting to the baseball games.  Basically, the National Needlearts Association created Stitch and Pitch to bring together baseball fans and knitters, crocheters and embroiderers.  They schedule events at certain games where these people meet up to craft while watching the game.  Maybe if I was more into the sport, I'd go, but for now, I just take it with me when I do.