My Dream Studio

In the past, I have always seen photos of other people's studios and craft rooms and longed for a place to call my own.  I was very excited to begin seriously thinking about my dream studio. First of all, is it attached to my home or not?  I believe that it would be too easy to blur the line between work and relaxation, and I'm a big procrastinator so I believe I would need my studio to be away from my living space.  That way, I can set hours that I need to be in the studio and say, "Let's go to work."

Where is it?  That's easy: overlooking the ocean, of course!  Isn't that what I keep talking about on here?

There will be large windows facing west for the view of the ocean.  A sliding glass door will lead out to a small patio with a place to line dry fabrics (clothes pins will be needed).  For the flooring inside the studio, I believe wood would look nice, but I'd be afraid of spilling things on it.  So, perhaps tile would be a better option.  There should be natural lighting everywhere, sky lights, those afore mentioned large windows, etc.  Energy efficient lighting will be used to otherwise illuminate my work spaces.

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Next, let me focus on storage.  Shelves for fabric, cubbies for yarn and wool, a peg board for sewing tools, a wall rack for thread.  Cabinets to store dyes and pigments safely.  Some of those rolling drawers would be good to store small sewing notions and supplies such as buttons, bobbins, and the like.  A filing cabinet might be a good way to store patterns.  A large bulletin board should occupy a large portion of one wall to pin up work in progress.

Courtney Burge's sewing room.

Tables.  I would need a desk to work on my laptop at.  I would like there to be enough space on my desk that I could put a sewing machine and serger on it as well.  Perhaps it is two tables set at a 90 degree angle.  A print table (for printing fabric on) elsewhere in the room with a removable tabletop to cut fabric and patterns on would be ideal.

Technology.  My laptop would travel with me to and from the studio.  Perhaps I should have a printer and scanner which stay at the studio for when I need to print and scan things there.  Sewing Machine and Serger are needed.  I'm not sure I would need industrial ones, though it would be nice.  Again, they will be at my desk

There should be a kitchen space with a refrigerator, stovetop or microwave, deep sinks, and a coffee maker (for those afternoon pick me ups and late work nights).

Other tools. My spinning wheel and its accessories, an ironing board and iron, yarn swift, ball winder, and niddy noddy. Butcher paper is nice to make patterns with and to draw on for ideas.

A list of tools and supplies:

  • Cutting mat
  • Rotary cutter
  • Pins
  • Needles
  • Scissors
  • Pinking Shears
  • Water Soluble Pencils
  •  Embroidery Floss
  • Embroidery Hoops
  • Rulers
  • Knitting Needles
  • Crochet Hooks

Finally, my client space.  I would like to have a couch in my studio next to my desk.  There would be a small side table next to the couch, perhaps with some of my literature on it.  Drinks would be in the fridge and a bathroom would definitely be included in my studio space.

To end the tour of my studio, please take note of the sound of the windchimes blowing in the sea breeze.

Photo by ZeMoufette