Writing Prompt: Steps

Steps.  Stair steps?  Steps to accomplish a task?  Each could take you up or down.  Stair steps take you up or down physically, whereas steps to accomplish a task could take you up or down mentally or emotionally. Most tasks have steps that we don't acknowledge.  But some do.  When you say you're going to go take a shower, you don't say, "I'm going to go wash my face, shampoo my hair, scrub my body and then I'll be out."  You simplify the task into one event instead of discussing what you're going to do step by step.

Larger tasks, such as obtaining a job, usually have many steps.  You have to do your research to find out names and titles, write cover letters and resumes, interviews, background checks, and more, before getting a job.

In creating art works, with some processes it is important to follow the steps to complete them.  For example, in immersion dye you have to soak the fabric in water, remove the fabric, add dye, replace the fabric, remove fabric, add salt, replace fabric, stir/soak, add soda ash, replace fabric, soak, rinse, dry.  (Don't quote me on this process, I'm speaking from memory.  If you want the actual process, please look it up!)  This is almost like a step within a step.  In order to complete the project, I need to dye some fabric.  In order to dye some fabric, I need to do this process.

So, through taking steps, you can reach an end product or process.  To reach a goal, steps are necessary.

Photo taken by Tup Wanders