Fiber Artist Goals

Let me first preface my goals with this small exercise. Whenever I try to think of what a Fiber Artist looks like out in the real world, I feel like I stumble.  Well, what do I want to feel like, look like, and what is the highest thing I could achieve after I graduate?  As I thought, I tried to come up with at least 3 answers to each question.

  1. What would make me feel like a successful FIBER ARTIST? -Having art in shows or galleries frequently. -People admiring my skills as more than a hobby. -Being motivated to work on more art to show.
  2. What would a successful FIBER ARTIST look like? -Spending days (and nights) working on art. -Dressing how I want to, be it pajamas or dressing up. -Rolling out of bed to work (studio in home?).
  3. What is the highest thing I could achieve as a FIBER ARTIST? -World renown artist (I can dream big, it's okay). -Popular Fiber Artist. - People avidly attending galleries with my art/workshops I hold.

I'm going to work on that part more.  But after thinking about those questions, I started to think about the goals to come.  The following are my short term goals, to be accomplished in a 2 year span.

-Short Term Goals (Now-2014 [2 yrs]) 1. Be selected to have work in 3 or more juried art shows. 2. Internship (preferably in San Diego). 3. Move in with two of my classmates who are also Fibers Majors. 4. Graduate in May of 2013. 5. Overcome my fear of what my parents think (regarding what I want to do and where I want to live). 6. Move to San Diego. 7. Work at a yarn/fiber store.

 -Long Term Goals (Now-2017 [5 yrs] or 2022 [10 yrs]) 1. Be living in a studio apartment near the ocean. 2. Have my own studio to work in. 3. Have more work in galleries and art shows. 4. Continue to work at a yarn/fiber store. 5. Travel.