Artist Statement

Every life is a journey.  Not everyone has a strong vision of what he or she wants out of that journey, or what the destination might be.  Some might have it all mapped out, while others can only take small bites out of life at a time. I enter into my work with a long-term goal for that journey, but only able to view small segments of it at a time.  My map is a list of steps, leading to a finished work of art.  Every day various inspirations guide me to research the next step in achieving my goal.  The next step is not always as clear as the last, but the vision is always present.  Fiber Art is my path, inspiration is my walking stick.

Ultimately, the end goal of my journey is to live by the ocean or have my future studio close to it at some point after graduation.  The ocean is also an inspiration, gently leading me from one idea to the next.  In addition, it keeps me calm and I find sanctuary in its presence.  The majority of my work is based upon imagery that reminds me of my connection to the ocean, and my journey to the sea.